Der Sonne entgegen
#CanvasPortraits #CanvasbyLandsEnd

Portrait on Canvas

Name: Doyel
Occupation: Art and Creative Director
Daily read: Bhagwat Gita before bed, BOF, WWD, Times of India articles my dad sends me and recently the growth and decline of the Trump dynasty Shops you could spend the whole day in: Dover Street Market to study pattern making, PLAGUEspace Floating Galleries, and does WholeFoods count?
My inspiration: Oh such a cliché but ‘My mother’ and ‘My father’ for very different reasons but I have all the inspiration I need at home
Alternative career plan: What I do and believe in makes me too happy to want to have an alternative. I think evolving into film direction would be one
A secret your friends don’t know about you: I have been giving make-believe interviews in the bathroom since I was 7 years old. Blessed to have had a few real ones
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