Somewhere within wordwide web, Instagram and reality, this journey is a monograph for the Canvas collection by Land’s End. A picturesque outing seemingly painted on canvas. It is early. A car is at the front door. A flight towards the Pillars of Hercules – once thought to be the threshold of the end of the world – the land’s end. The airplane lands in Tangiers. The blue uniforms of the military reflect light and pride. We come from different places – some from NY, some from Berlin, some from Milan.

This journey is like walking through a painting. We, the Lampooners, are in search of colours that you would expect to find only at the land’s end, beyond the reach of the Pillars of Hercules. We have come here to find colours and paint them on white canvas – it is #CanvasJourney. These colours reflect in our eyes and on our hands. They reflect on the walls along the streets, the doors of each and every house, the fabric samples hanging outside the shops; colours ready to go on a canvas to form a painting.

“To describe Tangier in words is impossible. I sit here with my pen dry, in fear I will not give justice to this land, so I paint it, but my watercolours pale in comparison to it’s vibrancy. The sun bounces off of the earth with such intensity, it is mirrored only by the hearts of the people we meet here. Three women in a night club teach us a traditional Moroccan dance, then a Gnawan song comes, a genre brought to Morocco from the south, and we move our hips to it’s beat. We laugh with them, and I feel surprisingly connected to these strangers I am meeting in a dark bar, in a place I am just beginning to know. When I leave I think how admirable these three women are, stepping to a different beat, paving a new path for women in an Arabic country. The humour, the kindness, the spark that we find in everyone at this crossroads where the tip of Africa kisses the tail of Spain, is addictive. We travel to the end of the world to touch it, but I discover that you cannot. The world today has no end, just beginnings”.
Mia Moretti

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