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    Cast your mind back to your childhood, your back garden, even the street where you grew up – remember the games you used to play? Free, fun, imaginative, energetic – and yes, slightly wild and even dangerous by today's standards.

    When Lands' End clothing commissioned a survey into kids' playtimes, we were shocked to learn that traditional childhood games are on the endangered list. Playground classics such as Hopscotch and 'What's the Time Mr Wolf' are in danger of disappearing forever because today's kids have never been taught them. That's why we've launched this campaign to save our games and get kids active. Here at Lands' End we're passionate about promoting kids' outdoor fun and you can help by backing Bring Back Rough and Tumble Play.

    Ben Shephard, TV presenter and dad-of-two, believes active kids make for healthy adults – even if it means a scraped knee or a bruised elbow along the way. "As dad to two wonderfully boisterous boys, Bring Back Rough and Tumble Play immediately chimed with my own commitment to sport and wellbeing. Good old-fashioned physical fun is exactly the kind of legacy we should be passing on to our kids and I'm delighted to be working with Lands' End to save our games."

    Leading children's play expert Tim Gill has also thrown his weight behind our campaign. Tim, who works with politicians, parents and educators to urge society to rethink childhood, believes that children and young people have the potential to be more resilient, responsible, capable and creative than we give them credit for. Yet their lives are becoming ever more scheduled, controlled and directed.

    Tim said: "I commend Lands' End for launching the Bring Back Rough and Tumble Play campaign. If children are to enjoy and make the most of their lives, we need to revisit and revise our ideas of what a good childhood looks and feels like. That includes supporting parents so they feel able to give their children some of the freedoms that previous generations enjoyed when they were young."

    New research out today reveals traditional childhood games such as Hopscotch and 'What's the Time Mr Wolf?' are in danger of disappearing forever as it emerges children are turning their backs on classic outdoor play.

    Playground favourites such as Marbles and Jacks have already fallen victim to the changing times – with none of the parents surveyed thinking their children knew the game. Despite seven in ten parents saying they played Hopscotch as a child – nearly two-thirds of their children have never even heard of the classic street game.

    The survey – commissioned by home shopping clothing retailer Landsend.co.uk – confirmed how different life is for today's children and identified a desire among parents to allow their children to enjoy outdoor games as much as they did growing up.

    Just 3% of parents say they're worried about scrapes and bruises when their children play outside and nine in ten agree outdoor play is good for their child's social skills. However, a quarter of parents admit to spending less than an hour a week playing outdoors with their children.

    Download the Research Results here

    Do you remember traditional childhood games such as Hopscotch and 'What's the Time Mr Wolf?' Have you seen your children or grandchildren playing other games that are new?

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    Do you remember traditional childhood games such as Hopscotch and 'What's the Time Mr Wolf?' Download our pdf of traditional games and revisit some of your favourite memories.

    Download the pdf here

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