A Letter from Lands’ End CEO Federica Marchionni

Dear Friends,

As a mother, if there is one thing I wish to give our children more than anything else, it is hope. Hope is the greatest motivator; it gives us faith that we can change the world for the better. Sadly, most of us have been affected by breast cancer and have witnessed the damage it can do. But there is hope.

Lands' End is launching the Pink Thread Project, a charitable campaign created to help raise awareness of, and funding for, Against Breast Cancer, furthering the organisation’s mission to prevent secondary spread, which is the cause of many breast cancer-related deaths. The Pink Thread Project allows us to show our support in a subtle way, while also contributing to the greater good. From 28th September to 31st October, 10% of the price you pay for a plain polo shirt or tote bag goes to ABC. A further £2.00 will be donated whenever you add a Pink Thread embroidery (cost £3.50).

This wonderful collaboration between ABC and Lands’ End gives me hope – the hope that we will never have to worry about losing another friend, wife, daughter or granddaughter to breast cancer. Yes, indeed, a little pink can do a lot of good.


Federica Marchionni

HOW you can help

When you buy any men’s or women’s plain polo or tote bag, we will donate 10% of the purchase price. What’s more, for just £3.50 you can add one of four Pink Thread embroideries - £2.00 of which goes directly to the project.


Choose one of these four stylish embroideries; it's a simple way to show your support.
Call us on Freephone 0800 220 106 to order.

The project runs from the 28th September through to 31st October 2015. You can show your support by adding a Pink Thread embroidery to your tote bag or plain polo shirt purchase (men’s and women’s) and we’ll donate 10% of the purchase price plus £2.00 per embroidery.

These valuable donations will go directly to Against Breast Cancer and towards our target of £10,000. For more information about Against Breast Cancer, visit www.againstbreastcancer.org.uk. Registered charity No. 1121258