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We took influential fitness and lifestyle bloggers Katy Saunders and Fiammetta Cicogna to the beautiful island of Ibiza to put our new Lands’ End Sportswear range through its paces. And whether the girls were surfing, running, hiking, skipping or cycling, our sports kit stood up to the toughest tests. Follow them on their fun fitness journey in the sun...

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Define your goals #healthybodyhealthymind
Morning Yoga session @Ibiza
Never give up #LandsEndSport
Intense Training with Katy
Who says sport can’t be fun?
Get ready to #surf #LandsEndSport
Challenge yourself #beyondyourlimits
Fiammetta’s game face @San Joseph
Who will win the race? #LandsEndSport
Start, Stop, Rest, Restart! #keepfit
Competitive fun #armwrestling #Ibiza
Stay focused on your goals #training

Behind the Scenes

Our memorable island trip wouldn’t have been possible without our amazing crew: thank you Fiammetta, Katy, Douglas and Avocad film.
We think the photos really do the talking: despite the hard work that went into running the trails or surfing the waves, this was one fun workout session they’d never forget!

Capturing the moment #behindthescenes
Strike a pose Fiammetta #LandsEndSport
Hard work really does pay off! #wakesurf
She just keeps on smiling @Fiammetta
Time to cool down in the shade #sport
Run, Katy, run! #backstage
Katy is ready for her #kayak #adventure
Is this amazing day ending? #fun #LandsEndCrew
Fiammetta’s final effort #training