Celebrity Fashion Stylist

I am a celebrity stylist and have worked in the fashion industry for 15 years now, starting my career with Tom Ford at Yves Saint Laurent and working with everyone from Bianca Jagger to the Beckhams. I now freelance in the world of editorial, travelling between New York, Paris, London and LA, styling celebrities, from A-list actresses to rock stars, beautiful models to boy bands – a very glamorous career. I really do think I am the luckiest person in the world to have such an amazing job!

what i love most
about lands' end is...

"Hmmm... well for me I guess it would have to be the lovely understated style it just makes everything so really wearable. Oh... great value for money too!"

> The idea of travel and luxury and beautiful things really appeals to me, and are my inspiration when styling. When I'm styling a celebrity I always try to capture their personality. As well as looking good, their individuality needs to shine through, so I start by getting to know a little bit about them. And through my work with Ultra Travel with the Telegraph, I always look for multi-functional pieces, as these are great when travelling. Today I wanted to keep my outfits looking really fresh – so I started by imagining a setting where they would wear it and went from there.