Men's Patterned Tailored Fit Easy-iron Button-down Supima Oxford Shirt

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Men's Regular Patterned Tailored Fit Easy-iron Button-down Supima Oxford Shirt
Men's Regular Patterned Tailored Fit Easy-iron Button-down Supima Oxford Shirt
Men's Regular Patterned Tailored Fit Easy-iron Button-down Supima Oxford Shirt
Men's Regular Patterned Tailored Fit Easy-iron Button-down Supima Oxford Shirt
Men's Regular Patterned Tailored Fit Easy-iron Button-down Supima Oxford Shirt
  • Bayshore Blue Stripe ZBH
  • Fresh Blue Slim Tattersall E5E
  • Fresh Blue Tattersall E2Z
  • Light Aquamarine Check IZG
  • Raspberry Stripe FX5
  • Royal Blue Check IT6
  • Vibrant Blue Multi Tattersall IUL
Main features
  • The Oxford: our most versatile men's formal shirt
  • Substantial Oxford cloth has a characteristic basketweave texture
  • Made with Supima®, America's finest cotton for an outstandingly rich, soft touch
  • Easy-iron finish
  • Button-down collar - great with or without a tie
  • Mitred four-piece, split back yoke; rear box pleat
  • Fine single-needle seams resist puckering
  • Sold in exact collar sizes and sleeve lengths for a perfect fit
  • Tailored fit: cut closer to the body; modern attitude
  • 100% Supima cotton; machine wash, tumble dry
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Made to work: Supima-soft Oxford
Characterised by its white-flecked texture, Oxford cloth is ordinarily a substantial, rather relaxed fabric. Weave it in yarns of Supima® cotton and it becomes extraordinarily soft, refined and durable. Good thing, given its workday/weekend versatility; you'll wear this formal shirt a lot. An easy-iron finish means it's less pressing in the care department, resisting wrinkles for 30 washes. Impeccable tailoring, meanwhile, ensures it will attract compliments indefinitely.
What is the standard sleeve length for a 15.5 collar? My husband usually buys from chain stores


This shirt comes in three sleeve lengths - 33, 34 and 35 inches. The measurement is taken from the centre of the back, across the shoulder and down the outside of the arm. It may be worth measuring one of his existing shirts and seeing which length would be most suitable.


What is the chest measurement for a size 16 collar in both traditional and slim fit, and how do you measure the sleeve length, please?

s s dennis

The 16 collar in this tailored shirt measures 47.5 inches around the chest. A slim-fit shirt would measure around 1.5 inches smaller. The sleeves are measured from the centre back, over the shoulder and down the outside of the arm to the cuff.


do you have this in stock, if not, when do you expect


We have quite a lot of stock left in this style in the various collar sizes and sleeve lengths. I am sure that we will be continuing with this style although at this point in time, I am not sure when new stock will arrive. For more details on the availability, please call our sales advisers on 0844 700 7070.


Hi, I'm wondering if this product has a fused collar. I'm also wondering about the sizing, does the body of the 16" collar differ from the body of the 15,5" collar?


This shirt does have a fused collar. The body measurement increases with each collar size. The 15.5" measures 45.5" round the chest and the 16" measures 47.5".


What is the "H" component of your shirts? I'm 15.5" collar and prefer a slimmer shirt. I'm 5'11 tall. Which H value would be best for me?


I can advise that the 'H' stands for half an inch. I would therefore recommend either the US size 15h 33, 15h 34 or 15h 35, dependent on the length of sleeve you require.



I would buy this product again


Nice quality garment well made can be worn anywhere any time

Jack the lad





Really great, lovely fabric, super fit - excellent value

Class act



Nice shirt - really good value at sale price


Bought for work. Love the lack of pins and clips in your shirt packaging. Good quality material, comfortable to wear. Haven't washed it yet but expect it to be easy to iron.




Change in quality


I've enjoyed these shirts for several years but the last ones I purchased were not as good. The cotton shrinks, it reduced sleeve length by 1 inch, this did not occur before. The cotton is not as smooth as it was before, and will crease more easily. The manufacture is different, it was originally Supima from Malaysia, whereas these last shirts were Superflu from China. So the shirts are no longer Supima and the web site is misleading. Please would you correct that so that we can see which shirts are Supima or not. I might still buy shirts but the Supima shirts were better quality.

Honest John

New location, Oxfordshire

Change in quality.


This shirt has puckers at the seams and one sleeve does not hang properly because the material is not properly aligned. I have been buying these shirts for years and the quality has been excellent. I don't know what's changed. The material is the same quality but the assembly of the shirt is poor.




What about the Tall fits?


These shirts were great last year, but where are the Tall fits in the dress shirts?




Very good shirts - please continue them


The Supima cotton is soft and non-iron and is really very nice to wear for both summer and winter, the tailored fit is not excessive, it's perfect, and combined with good length, button-down collars and formal measurements for collar and sleeve sizes, and also good pricing these are great shirts for both formal and casual wear. I've bought this and some other patterns from you but I notice you are running out of stock for this range of Oxford shirts across the patterns including my size 15.5/33, I hope you will stock more and I will come back for more.

Honest John



Good quality and fit and ...


Good quality and fit and material - unlike many all cotton products does not crease badly when washed and tumble dried.

Mr K Folds


Men's Patterned Tailored Fit Easy-iron Button-down Supima Oxford Shirt

4.3 8