Men's Regular Fit Denim Jeans

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Style # P_31305
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Main features
  • Jeans in the comfortable, classic cut you requested
  • Regular fit: sits at waist; straight leg
  • 'Clean-faced', non-streaky denim
  • Garment washed for softness, minimised shrinkage
  • Chambray pocketing
  • 100% ringspun combed cotton; machine wash
  • Pre-hemmed
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The Regular Fit you asked for
When it comes to men's jeans, fashion-conscious fits come and go. But there's always room for a classic, easygoing, no-nonsense cut, and here it is. A new 'regular fit', as requested by our customers - not too slim, not too loose, just 'regular'. The heavier fabric is woven and washed for the authentic look of denim, without the streaking you see in some jeans. It's softer than ever, too: garment washing gives it a great lived-in feel. So you get jeans that are faded but not distressed, with old-favourite softness, and years of wear still in store.

Please note: our new jeans for men are pre-hemmed. This garment is intended to have a lived-in look and therefore will arrive unpressed and minimally packaged.
What is the width of these jeans across the calf for a 32" waist? My husband is having trouble finding jeans that are comfortable as he is slim body with strong muscles in his legs.


The jeans in a 32" waist measure 18 1/2 Inches at the knee, and taper down to 16 1/4 at the ankle.


I bought two pairs of these jeans last year. For two reasons, 1. I needed some new jeans. 2.These were price reduced. And I now know why. There are made with only 5 belt loops. and the belt rides up and does NOT support the garment properly, ie they keep falling down. DOES THE PRESENT STOCK HAVE 7 BELT LOOPS AS PREVIOUS JEANS PRIOR TO THIS ALTERATION. AND WITH A PROPER WAIST BAND? Also have you reinstated the leg length alterations?

Tech Tim

Thank you for your enquiry. At the moment all the Mens Jeans have 5 belt loops. We are in the process of reviewing Custom Hemming as we have had many comments and disappointed customers. I will forward your Question to our Merchandising Team.


What happened to the extra long (36 inch) leg jeans?! I've been using Lands end for the best part of 20 years to get trousers and can't seem to find them anywhere on the site.


Thank you for your enquiry This style is only available pre-hemmed. The longest length being 34" I have passed your comments to our Merchandising Team. In the meantime we do still offer custom hemming on Men's Chinos and Cords, which we can hem to 36".


Hello, I have two pairs of Lands End jeans (made in Sri Lanka) which I bought around 5 years ago and have been very pleased with them. They are comfortable and good quality, something which I had come to expect from you. About a year ago, I ordered a new pair. They were made in China, of a very poor quality and I sent them back. Judging by the comments made on your site, it seems that you haven't yet addressed this problem. Unless you can assure me that you intend to restore the quality of this product to what it was 5 years ago, I will have to look for jeans elsewhere (which I would rather not have to do!). How about it?


Thank you for your email. Our product department have provided the answer to your query below. The style has changed over the years and they believe that the fit and the fabric would not have been the same jean. They think that you may have had the traditional fit "Gary denim" style 307460. In fall '14 we transitioned to the new denim which was a global move. I'm not aware of any decision to move back to the old Denim fabric but we are bringing back the Traditional fit for fall '17.


Like many others, I find the sizing unhelpful. I am waist 34, length 31 and your jeans (which I'd go for like a shot) don't fit. Many friends and colleagues need even/odd and odd/even sizes, usually between 30/30 and 34/34. Why won't you provide this service over what is after all a limited part of your range?


I am sorry to hear that you are having problems getting the right size in our jeans. I will ensure that your comments are forwarded to our Merchandising team. We do offer odd waist sizes as well as custom hemming in some of our chino styles.


With your straight fit jeans you specify 14 ounce denim. What is the weight of the denim used for your regular fit jeans?


I can advise these jeans are the same weight, at 14 ounce.


Are your jeans zip fly or button fly?


Hi, and thanks for your question. I'm pleased to say that this style has both a zip-fly and single, centre-front, button. I hope this helps. However, should you require any further assistance, please don't hesitate to call us on 0800 220 106.


Which colour is closest to dark indigo


Hello, and thank you for your enquiry. For the colour that is closest to Dark Indigo, I would recommend the Deep Sea Blue colour.


Do you plan to stock longer lengths than 34? I have shopped at Lands' End for many years, mainly because I can get trousers and jeans that are long enough for me. If you stop at 34", I won't be able to give you my custom any more and I'll have a serious wardrobe deficiency.


The men's regular fit denim jeans are received from the vendor 'pre hemmed'. Therefore, the longest length offered in this style is 34 inches in any size. The Men's regular straight fit coloured jeans (style number 446480) are available to custom hem. This can be done as a special request to 36". If you would like to place an order for these, please call our helpful sales team on 0800 376 7974.


My son needs 36" inside leg measurement in this style. I nave always obtained them from you in the past -why are they no longer available in blue denim?


Thank you for your enquiry This style is only available pre-hemmed I'm afraid. The longest length being 34" I have passed your comments to our Merchandising Team. In the meantime we do still offer custom hemming on Men's Chinos and Cords, which we can hem to 36".



Down hill


Not up to Land's End usual standard.

Casual dresser





I a\m not sure what the other people are quibbling about these Jeans. Brought them for my husband as soon as they arrived he tried them on and they are fantastic. The material is lovely and soft and they are a brilliant fit in length and waist, so much so he wants me to order more!!


West Sussex


Weird and/or laughable


As others have observed these are more trousers made from denim rather than jeans. Very poor quality throughout from design to manufacture. They would have been returned had they been full price.

Jeanless Jim



I would not buy this product again


I've been very happy with Lands End jeans previously, but these are too tight in the crotch and of poorer quality material. Worst of all they are no longer tailored to length, and very poorly finished. More belt loops would be useful. Not a good buy at the price LE are asking.


NW Kent


Lands End Jeans are no longer any god.


These newer jeans are not good. I like the colour but they are just not comfortable, like they used to be. My chosen tailored length no longer available. Sorry Lands End but I have gone to The American Originals, which have everything Lands End once had. More expensive but worth it for the comfort and fit.

Rocket Ron



Absolutely not


Other reviews have mentioned the problem of the rear belt loops, which affect the fit; and the somewhat skimpy cut. However, my foremost complaint is neither of these. My complaint is: These are not jeans! Any man who has worn real jeans made by other manufacturers or by Lands' End ten years ago would immediately agree. The fabric is denim, yes, but a very flimsy denim about the weight of heavy-weight chinos. The fabric is so thin that it wrinkles and bags in the legs within the first two or three hours of wearing. Jeans of the usual denim weight do not do this! No, this fabric is of the quality used for children's "dungarees" in the 1940s and 1950's. Definitely bargain bin merchandise, but not at a bargain bin price. Buy your jeans elsewhere.




I'll have to get my jeans elsewhere now


I loved Lands' End's jean in the past, but now they are not available in my waist/inside leg combination, and there are only 5 belt loops. You've really messed up this time.

Nick Webb



Simply awful, Landsend have lost the plot


Landsend used to sell well cut jeans with bespoke leg lengths, if these jeans are anything to go by, then it appears that they are now cutting corners and quality. This pair whilst spot on for waist and leg length were far too meanly proportioned. The crotch is cut far too tight, the front pockets are too tight making them extremely difficult to use. The number of belt loops appear to have been reduced meaning that belts pull un-naturally on the waistband. As premium prices are charged for these jeans, this is simply not good enough. These jeans fit as poorly as bargain basement supermarket jeans. I see that others have made similar comments. Landsend - you need to review your buying criteria, otherwise your customers are going to desert you




Not Happy


I bought these jeans as a replacement for Lands End previous Traditional Cut Jeans. They are a very poor substitute - the cut is far too low on the waist at the back and now having 5 belt loops (previously 7 there were 2 more at the back) means that a belt rides up over the top of the jeans at the back. Overall a very uncomfortable fit and no way an acceptable replacement. Went I sent them back Lands End failed to send me an email acknowledging the return (they have credited my credit card account). Poor product, poor customer service.




Not made to measure on leg length


They are no longer made to a leg length


Surrey UK


Men's Regular Fit Denim Jeans

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