Sand-free Beach Towel

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  • Great towel for the beach
  • Lightweight fabric dries quickly
  • Soft fabric won't pick up grains of sand
  • Packs into a small zip bag
  • Handy hanging loop
  • 85% polyester/15% nylon
  • Machine wash cold
  • 160cm/63ins x 78.5cm/31ins
Say goodbye to soggy, sand-filled towels
This towel is revolutionary and ideal for the beach. Made of a soft, lightweight fabric that unlike regular towels won't harbour all those pesky grains of sands - a nice firm shake and it's sand free. And it dries really quickly too, so no soggy towel in your beach bag! There is a handy loop for hanging, and a zip bag for storage and easy-carrying, making this the only towel you need on the beach!