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10 Comfy Outfits for Your Next Long Plane Ride

10 Comfy Outfits for Your Next Long Plane Ride

Whether you're a veteran flyer, zipping in and out of airports, or a complete novice at maneuvering through airport terminals, one thing is for sure: you want to be dressed comfortably for the journey. Yes, comfort—or the lack thereof—has dampened many travel experiences.

After all, putting together an airport outfit is no easy task. You have to consider factors like alternating airport and air cabin temperatures and both your destination and returning climate. And all while still displaying your signature style. That's why we're sharing our 10 best comfortable and fashionable airport outfits.


Read this closely: it doesn't matter what season it is when you travel, always carry a jacket. This outerwear piece is the quickest way to look modish, yet it still serves as a layering piece to your wardrobe that protects you from elements like wind and rain. Utility and jean jackets, although simple in design, deliver style and functionality. You can pair your jacket with your favorite pair of jeans and finish the look with a simple white tee.

Cardigan or Pullover Sweaters

Airports and air cabins are known to be a bit cool. One way to combat the chill is to add a long cardigan or pullover sweater to your travel day wardrobe. Anything from cozy knits to lightweight cardigan sweaters will be a welcome companion for layering with other wardrobe-basics and the warmth you crave when the temps fluctuate.

Everyday Scarves

When it comes to air travel, versatile women's scarves are a must. Better yet, you can stay warm and enhance your outfit. You can also consider adding a blazer to elevate your look and stand out with fun textures and designs.

A Comfortable T-Shirt

You can never go wrong with a comfortable cotton T-shirt during your travel day. They come in a variety of sizes, designs, and cuts to match almost any occasion. If you're going to spend most of your day flying, you might want to opt for a relaxed-fit tee that's more generous through the body. T-shirts also pair well under cardigans, your favorite sweaters, and lightweight utility jackets.


A slight stretch goes a long way, especially with jeggings, sleek work pants, or any type other comfortable, stretchy slacks that are easy to coordinate and promise comfort. Best of all, you avoid having your legs exposed to cold air in the airport and on the plane. It's no fun dealing with a dreaded delay at the airport and trying to stay comfortable while sitting in cold waiting area chairs. Make sure you are covered to avoid that awkward skin-to-airport chair experience.


Women's khaki pants aren't just for the office. They are an ideal go-to for comfort, style, and functionality when flying. It doesn't matter if you're wearing a button-up shirt or a flowy T-shirt. Their pristine, sleek style instantly elevates your look. Slip into a pair of flats, and you'll be ready to walk to your gate with confidence.


Another excellent layering option is the tried-and-true sweatshirt. A sweatshirt delivers plenty of cozy feels and versatility. It's easy to wear with a basic tee and jeans. You can dress it up with fun accessories like a layered necklace or a fun scarf. Best of all, it's easy to peel off if your destination temperature is warmer. Feel free to wrap it around your waist or store it in your carry-on for easy accessibility. With a variety of styles and colors to chose from, including a sweatshirt to your airport wardrobe is a no-brainer.


Who doesn't enjoy a pair of cozy socks? We love them, especially during a long-distance flight, to ensure toes and feet stay comfortable. Additionally, if you know you will be on a flight for an extended period, compression socks are a must-have in your carry-on luggage. Not only are you able to stay warm, but air passengers who have to remain seated for long periods can also avoid swollen, heavy legs by slipping a pair on before their flight takes off.

Comfortable Shoes or Sneakers

Whether you prefer slip-on shoes over sneakers or dressier flats over heels, you ultimately need to cater to your comfort level. Fortunately, with today's styles, you can dress an outfit up or down by incorporating shoe options. For example, if you know you will be departing from a larger airport, chances are you will do a lot of walking to get to your gate. Therefore, it's better to select shoes that meet your style and comfort needs. Maybe you like flip-flop shoes, but you dislike cold air on your ankles on the airplane. In that case, you might want to consider wearing a closed-toe sneaker or a slip-on go-to.

Traveling can be an exciting or bittersweet experience, but whatever the reason you're on the go, make sure you're comfortable from beginning to end.

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