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Favorite home items

2018 Roundup of our Favorite Home Items

We've spent most of 2018 rolling out a whole host of great home items. Now comes the fun part: sharing them with you. This countdown of our five favorite home items this year is not only our way of celebrating our successes in product development, it's also a celebration of you, our customer, and the ways we hope our fine home goods make your lives and homes warmer and better. We love everything we sell, but these are the five that give us that extra-special homey feeling.

5. Needlepoint Stockings

Our hand-stitched needlepoint Christmas stockings form the center of a beautiful holiday tradition. Few singular items can be said to convey holiday spirit and a classic image of family togetherness like the personalized Christmas stocking. We love finding the stocking that's just right for every member of our families, and embroidering their names at the top. Personalization on stockings is free during the holiday season, making it so easy to make each stocking as special as the person it's for.

4. Supima Towels

Made from American-grown Supima® cotton – the top 3% of the American cotton crop – Supima bath towels are some of the best out there. We hang our hats on Supima cotton for a number of reasons. Its longer-staple fibers can be wound more tightly to make stronger yarns. Those stronger yarns are smoother, more durable and hold their color better. That means when you buy Supima bath towels, you're getting softer, more absorbent towels that will last you for years. If you're looking to add an extra touch to your bath towels, monogramming towels gives your bathroom a personalized feel.

3. Monogrammed Bedding

Everyone's bedding needs a refresh every once in a while. Luckily, Lands' End offers an array of bedding options, including many made from the same high-quality cotton used in our Supima towels. With a selection of bedding in various colors and prints, and with embroidered decorations, we offer bedding options to match anyone's taste and décor. If you want to take your sheets to the next level of personalization, we offer monogrammed blankets and monogrammed bedding. If you're looking for something to give an extra special touch for your bedroom décor, look no further than our monogrammed bedding.

2. Kids' Towels

Our favorite towels for kids' feature fun and whimsical designs. Your children will love the towels that are designed just for them – whether they feature appliqued designs or have fun hoods and animal designs. Your little ones can wrap up in a kids' towel and go from cold and wet to dry and cozy in no time. You can get their name embroidered on their towel, and they'll love it even more, knowing it's just for them.

1. Christmas Comforters

One of the quickest ways to incorporate a little seasonal flair – no matter the season – is by changing out your comforter or duvet as the seasons change. A Christmas comforter brings the holiday spirit to your bedroom décor in an instant. We love how soft and, well, comforting they are, and even more than that we love their beautiful patterns and classic styling. Their appearance exudes the holiday spirit, and can make your home feel even more homey.

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