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22 Fun & Cute Winter Date Ideas For Couples

22 Fun & Cute Winter Date Ideas For Couples

Who said winter wasn't romantic? Though the other seasons like to go all out, winter can be just as fun for couples to get out there and have a jolly old time. Here's a list of 22 fun winter date ideas for couples.

Take a Weekend Trip to Go Skiing in the Mountains

When you're looking for romantic cold weather date ideas, this one takes a bit more planning in order to do it. Pack up your skis, a warm hat and winter coat, and cruise down that country road to your favorite mountain.

When you want to get that fresh winter air, this is the place to do it. Either rent a room for the night or do this as a day trip. So long as you remember to drink a hot chocolate in the lodge after a brisk few runs and cozy up together in your warm sweaters near the fire, then you'll have done this right.

Read a Book Together

This sounds like one of you will be reading over the other's shoulder. Instead, find a book on your bookshelf that neither one of you has found time to read yet. Grab a copy at the library and start your mini book club. You can discuss how you found the tunic sweater in the story to be symbolic of the two main characters' confidence and comfort: a truly beautiful yin and yang moment in the book. Or you can talk about how bad the book really was. So terrible…that it makes you want to pick another up and do it all again.

Start a New Show Together

Your favorite TV show ended in mixed reviews and you both got pretty upset talking about it. It's maybe even a sore spot, which seems ridiculous, but maybe it's time to move on to another show. Make a list of all the shows you haven't seen yet. Find the one that makes you excited to hop onto the couch with some popcorn and a warm blanket.

Head to a Museum

It can often be an enlightening experience to visit a museum with the one you love. And affordable. When you get there, take your time…this isn't the grocery store on a Friday. A good pair of shoes and a cashmere sweater will be great museum companions as you mosey about. Certain pieces might lead to discussion, others might make you laugh, and some might make you both believe that either one of you could be artists.

Go Ice Skating

This can be really fun to do especially if you and your SO are trying ice skating for the first time. Pro tip: bring a pillow to tie around your backside. Also, if you think you'll be slipping and sliding all over the place, be sure to wear a waterproof winter coat. You'll thank us later.

Cook a Meal Together

It's easy to fall into a routine where you make the same ten dishes on rotation. Mix it up and you two can decide on something that challenges your tastebuds. Get what you need from the grocery store, go back home, slide into comfy cotton sweaters and make your nightly meal feel more like a date.


Not since your best friend's 13th birthday have you set aim down the lane at those pesky bowling pins. You may never have bowled without bumper rails but you're an adult now and your better half has already made a sizable bet that you won't get a strike. A little competition can't hurt. Oh and of course you're going to win that bet. No problem.

Host a Pajama Party

This will be a no jeans, no chinos, no casual dress scenario. You and your partner can wear Christmas matching pajamas. If you have a dog, get them in on the joke too. Comfort comes first. Bonus points to those who wear their goofiest slippers. It'll basically be the same situation as those summer barbeques, but indoors and I guess, no grill. Put on a nostalgic movie in the background and admire the sea of flannel shirts and pjs.

Hit Up the Sledding Hill

You might be the oldest people there, but nobody will seem to care when you both double-launch over that jump and hang ten. Sure, it might be a harsh landing and you have to look for one of your squall boots that flew off mid-air… but you're a hero to so many teenagers. A legend even.

Volunteer to Bring Cheer

Winter brings out a lot of good in us: donate your time to help the folks who could use it. You can raise money, raise awareness for certain causes, get food donations from friends and family, or help out at a local shelter for the holiday. Doing this with your significant other can really bring out the best in both of you.

Donate with Your Mate!

You have clothes in both your wardrobes that you know could be in better hands. You have too many women's jeans or you have an absurd collection of scarves. Pare down what you have and think about what might help somebody else get through a tough winter.

There's an insulated down coat that you just got and your old down coat is still functional. You and your partner could spend an afternoon together sorting. Just double check the bin to make sure they didn't sneak in that shirt of yours they hate.

Go Snowshoeing. Or Cross-Country Skiing.

What's kept you from heading out to the hills for a little exercise? If it's because you don't have a pair of snowshoes or skis, well you're lucky because you can rent them for a day. Grab your packable down jackets and get out there!

Visit a Nearby Town

You know that one town that seems to be in the middle of two much larger places? They have that cute strip of boutique stores that you always wanted to see. Make that a winter date, and see what else that town has to offer. There's bound to be something there for both of you, maybe a unique lunch spot too.

Host a Game Night

Send out a group message inviting your friends over for a game night. Everybody brings their favorite board game along and you choose the best game to play together. It's a good excuse to rally everybody before the holidays and catch up before they all scatter. Also, not a bad time to do some gift giving.

Head to a Comedy Show

When it gets to the bleaker winter months it's always nice to go see some comedy. Depending on the show it could be a mixed bag but it's worth giving it a shot if you're trying to get out of the house together for a few hours.

Trivia Nights

There's nothing like trivia night or as I call it "This is a good time to remind myself to read a book again…night." So, who invented the turtleneck? The answer is the non-turtle: Noel Coward. You can also make this a double date. If neither you or your partner know anything about sports or history, find friends who know everything there is about that. Should be a grand old time.

Winter Camping

Test the limits of your relationship and your winter down coat with this one. It's recommended that you take your time planning for this. If you're an avid outdoors couple, this might be just another weekend for you. If you are looking for that extra challenge, go for it. You'll impress one another and learn the value in teamwork. Worst case scenario you both hop in the car and drive home and later tell your co-workers that you were so proud of each other, glad that you stuck it through.

Go to a Local Maple Syrup Farm

Have you been trying to figure out the best place to wear a wool sweater? Try a maple syrup farm. Spend a day together trying out your favorite flapjacks and waffles. Don't forget to fill your canvas tote with every maple syrup you can afford to buy. Maybe on the way home you can find a nice local brewery too.

Go to an Outdoor Festival

Once the holidays roll around you're bound to find a few festivals in your area. Whether it's a garden lit up in the Christmas spirit or an ice sculpting festival, try to find something that excites you. Maybe you'll find some souvenirs to give away as gifts to family.

Do One of Those Polar Plunges Together

Just kidding. Well, unless you really want to.

The "k" in 5k Doesn't Stand For "Kiss"

Sure, it's going to be cold, that's why long underwear is key. Yoga pants can work too; just make sure you wear the proper base layers so that you can go out into the cold together without one of you having to carry the other over the finish line. Maybe treat yourselves to a hot coffee afterward.

Go See a Play or Musical

Call it a date night, grab some dinner beforehand, and get to looking nice for a fancy night out.

They're not all limited to the winter time, but when you start to get a bit stir crazy indoors, these can be a great outlet for you and your partner to go and do something despite the harsh winter.

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