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5 Best Holiday Decorations

5 Best Holiday Decorations

Trends come and go, even with Christmas decorations. This year, everyone wants to have a silver tinsel tree in their home, next year everyone will be raving about some other fad – and all those silver tinsel trees will be kicked to the curb. Here at Lands' End, we like the classics. We know what works, and we think it takes a certain confidence to buck trends and stick to the basics that are done really well. Let's take a moment to count down our favorite holiday decorations, ones that transcend trends and stand the test of time.

5. Seasonal Towels

We love our selection of bath towels, and we think that we offer an assortment of towels to fit anyone's need and budget. From the elegant Supima towels to our sturdy Essential towels, we've got you covered. Setting out towels in seasonal colors is a great way to start adding some accents here and there to get your kitchen and bathroom looking more festive. Plus, you can always invest in some monogrammed towels or towels embroidered with seasonal images for added holiday flair.

4. Throw Pillows

Put a pillow on it! Throw pillows are functionally only good for lumbar support, at best, but they go a long way towards making your home a lot more festive. Like your seasonal towels, they're easy to switch in and out as the seasons change. We have a whole selection of great throw pillows that have embroidered or hand-looped designs that we think you'll love. Your guests will take one look at your throw pillow-covered couch and think to themselves, "Hey! That's some Christmas spirit right there!"

3. Plant-Based Décor

Winters here in Wisconsin can get pretty bleak. Think snow and cold, overcast skies. Don't even get us started on the wind! It's nice to have a little green here and there to remind us that the world is full of all that living stuff. There's the Christmas tree, sure, but how about some other greenery? We sell evergreen wreaths and garland made on a family farm in Oregon. Hang one of those wreaths on your door, some garland on the mantel, and you're holiday stylin'. Accessories made from birch wood are symbolic of life and rejuvenation in winter, and we have plenty of those and more winter décor accents to complete the picture.

2. Holiday Sweaters

Okay, so maybe not technically an element of décor. But few things get us in the holiday spirit better than pulling out those festive Christmas sweaters and feeling all warm and cozy again. We're not talking about those tacky sweaters that win you a prize at your office party, but real classics. Timeless designs like Fair Isle, bold stripes, chunky cable knits. You'll feel in the spirit in addition to looking great!

1. Needlepoint Christmas Stockings

Where else would our favorite stockings go on this list than the very top? Nothing says Christmas quite like a row of needlepoint Christmas stockings hung on the mantel (with care). You may want to get a stocking for every member of the family and get their name monogrammed for added personal touches. Once they're hung and stuffed with gifts and goodies, it's sure to be a merry Christmas for everyone.

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