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5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Dad

Christmas Gift Ideas for Dad

There are a lot of roles one has to take on when being a dad: family cook, household handyman, star soccer coach, dance team driver, expert hug-giver, motivation master, or all of the above and more. Apart from Father’s Day, Christmas is the best time to show Dad just how thankful we are for everything that he does all year long. Sounds simple, right? Not always! Sometimes Dad is the hardest one on the list to shop for when it comes to Christmas presents. You want to get him something that he’ll actually treasure, or, at the very least, use more than once or twice. Here are five gifts that Dad will love opening on Christmas morning.

Stylish Yet Durable Jeans

Make this Christmas the year Dad finally replaces those jeans. You know the ones; they’re older than you are and are riddled with holes, but Dad still insists on wearing them every weekend. He might be less reluctant to let go of the old favorites, though, if he has an equally sturdy and comfortable pair of men’s jeans to replace them with. Refresh his wardrobe with denim in different shades that he can dress up or down for anything from a more formal family gathering to a lazy day in the garage. Durability is key here; Dad needs jeans that can keep up with him no matter what he’s working on. We all know that he’ll keep wearing them despite the wear and tear, so be sure you get him jeans that are just as tough as he is.

A Warm and Versatile Flannel

Weather is simply an annoyance when Dad is in the middle of one of his many projects. Make sure that he stays warm and healthy by supplying him with an easy-on easy-off layer that he can take with him on all his errands. In addition to plaid being a classic, timeless style, men’s flannel shirts are a warm and durable alternative to a bulky hoodie or itchy sweater. There are also tons of ways to wear flannel, meaning Dad can button it up to make his look more formal or leave it open over his favorite graphic tee for a day spent lounging around the house.

A Classic Polo

When it comes to building a professional yet comfortable look, men’s polo shirts are a must have. They’re easy to style, comfortable, breathable, and, best of all, always in style. Make Dad look sharp no matter the season with super soft short sleeve polos that are perfect for the country club and long sleeve ones that will keep him warm at work during fall and winter. If he’s the active type, or always seems to be on the move, try a rapid dry active polo that will wick away moisture and keep Dad comfortable no matter what the day might throw at him. With so many styles and colors available, you’ll be sure to find something he’ll love.

A Warm Winter Hat

To some dads, winter is a dream come true. Snowmobile trails open, hunting season is in full swing, Christmas trees need chopping, and there is oh so much that needs to get done! Make sure that Dad stays warm and healthy no matter the activity with a comfy winter hat that’ll keep the cold and snow at bay. Hats like beanies that stay tight to his head are a great option for all active dads because they fit easily under ski and snowmobiles helmets and can be layered beneath hoods for extra warmth. If your Dad is looking for something with a bit more style, get him a knit pattern hat that’ll add a bit of flair and color to the usual whites and grays of winter.

A Well-Deserved Nap and Some Family Time

Dad works hard all year long, so show off just how much you appreciate everything that he does with some quality family time. Grab some snacks and watch a football game with him until he (inevitably) falls asleep or challenge him to a match or two of your favorite video game. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy; any time spent with his kids is a gift Dad will be sure to treasure for years to come. Happy holiday memories will last much longer than any pair of jeans can!

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