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5 Cozy Fall Accessories

5 Cozy Fall Accessories

Sometimes it’s not about what you wear but how you wear it. After all, if you put on a T-shirt and jeans and walk around with your head hanging low and slouching, people may assume you’re not quite confident or that you simply want to be left alone. But if you put on that same outfit and strut your stuff like you run the world, you’ll have people envying your confidence while also looking like a million bucks. All you need to elevate that look is some accessories. But be mindful of the season, though. The ones you wore during summer are going to quickly go out of style by the time the first leaves fall. So, if you’re considering some new accessories to wear with your favorite fall apparel, know that this year’s autumn accessories are all about comfort. As such, here are five cozy accessories you should add to your wardrobe this fall.


Women’s scarves are serving an entirely new purpose these days, doubling not only as fashion accessories but also as safety attire—notably face masks. While in years past, you may have tied a scarf around your neck or around your purse strap as a fashion accessory, it probably didn’t serve many other purposes. These days, scarves are being worn both on the head or around the neck loosely for warmth, putting them in an accessible spot for pulling up over your nose and mouth to comply with face mask requirements. If you have to protect yourself and others, why not do it in style? This fall, look for scarves in earthy colors to match your fall wardrobe. They should also be made of a breathable material if you plan on using them as a face mask.


Shawls and wraps are great cozy fall accessories — especially with more people working from home these days. As far as size, think big, like the size of a small throw blanket. While you can keep them around the house to easily toss on around your shoulders or over your legs if you get cold, you can also use them as fall jackets. You can either rock the cozy look by leaving it hanging loosely around your shoulders, or tie it around your waist with a belt to make it look more formal.

Beanies and Berets

A cute slouchy hat that keeps your head warm without ruining your hair? Sign us up! Beanies and berets have both had their moments in time, but they never seem to go out of style. And it makes sense. Your head is where most of your body heat escapes. And since fall is chilly, you may as well stay warm in style. Loose-knit beanies have a sort of cozy homemade look. Berets tend to be more lightweight and may or may not have a rim to keep them tight on your head. If not, a stretchy material that ensures it doesn’t slip off is good enough. They both look great with a turtleneck sweater and jeans, preferably when you're sitting in front of the fireplace with a hot cup of Joe and a good book.

Comfy Gloves

While chunky, woolen mittens may be too warm for fall weather, no gloves at all may leave your fingers feeling frosty in fall. Women’s fleece gloves are great for fall walks when the sun is out but there is a bit of a chill biting at your fingers. Plus, if they’re lightweight, you can easily keep them stowed away in your jacket without them being too bulky. Then you can pull them out whenever you’re feeling cold. Just know that not all fleece gloves are the same. Look for a fleece that is brushed on the inside and outside for ultimate softness. If they’re antistatic, that’s cool too, as they’ll resist shocks and fight against lint and pet hair. An anti-pill finish will also keep them looking new. Don’t forget EZ Touch fingertips that allow you to use your smartphone without taking your gloves off.

Scrunchie Purses

Purses that are comfortable to hold and provide roomy storage are perfect to tote along when you’re heading out and about in autumn. This makes them a great add-on to cozy fall attire. After all, if you’re heading out the door in a comfy cardigan sweater and beanie, you may look a little mismatched carrying a stiff, boxy purse. That’s why a scrunchie purse makes for a great accessory. Scrunchie purses are basically satchel-style purses with a scrunchie-style shoulder strap. They’re going to be seen everywhere this fall, and they’re just what we’ve been waiting for.

Your fashion needs may be a little different this fall; thankfully, these fall accessories will keep you feeling cozy and looking stylish.

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