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5 Fun Outerwear Prints for Kids Who Play Outside

5 Fun Outerwear Prints for Kids Who Play Outside All Day

It doesn't take long to notice that kids have a lot of energy to burn. As long as the weather isn’t extreme, it's healthy for kids to play outside in the fresh air and sunlight. If your kid likes to play outside for long hours, you know that cold weather isn't going to stop them. This is why you need plenty of kids’ outerwear options that allow for maximum comfort.

It's also important to think about style. Your kids don't just want to move around — they want to look good, too. What patterns and looks are the best for active kids? Here are 5 fun outerwear prints that kids can wear when they play outside.

1. Solid Colors

Every kid can use a few solid color kids' coats and jackets in their closet. A simple and clean look like this is easy to match with any outfit. When you need to choose a coat or jacket with a solid color, ask your child what color they prefer. Having a jacket in their favorite color would not only make their day but make getting dressed and ready a lot easier, too. Other basic neutral colors like black and white are easy to match with anything in a child's closet. With so many options out there, it's fun to put basic looks like this together for each season.

2. Floral Print

Floral print is a classic design that has lasted and will continue to last. If you get high-quality coats in this pattern for your kids, they can be passed down or donated when your kids outgrow them because they will retain their appeal and form. Floral print jackets come in various cuts & styles, such as a short mild-weather jacket, hefty rain jacket, and more. No matter what style your child wants or needs during the year, floral print will be a great complement to many of their outfits. For instance, they match well with kids' jeans because their vibrant patterns create extra definition and visual appeal.

3. Camo Print

Wild camo prints are usually associated with hunting gear, but it's also a stylish pattern that can be a part of your child's outerwear ensemble. Whether you get camo in its traditional green and brown or something different like blue and green, camo print has the unique ability to feel stylish and casual at the same time. It’s the perfect look for your active, adventurous kids.

4. Lightning Print

Another print inspired by nature, lightning patterns on a jacket just look awesome. If your child is fast and loves to stand out in a crowd, then wearing a jacket made with this print will certainly turn heads. This print looks good on everything from a regular winter coat to kids’ raincoats. But looks aren’t the only thing going for this print. When you get a lighting print jacket that’s packed with convenient features like waterproof seams, your child will love wearing it even more. Other features like breathable mesh linings and the ability to fold the jacket into its own pocket for easy carrying is another major perk.

5. Galaxy Print

If you want a print that's out of this world, then you have to get your hands on a jacket with galaxy print. With far-out prints of the milky way, stars, and other space scenes, your child will love to show off this stargazing apparel. It’s a bonus if you get a jacket with functional pockets so that they will never scramble for a place to stash that cool rock or feather they find when they are exploring the world.

Double the Fun with Reversible Prints

If you can't decide between two different prints, why not get a jacket that gives you the best of both worlds? Reversible print jackets offer two different materials and prints so that your kids can enjoy two different looks for different weather conditions. Get a jacket that has cozy Sherpa fleece on one side to keep them cozy on brisk days and water-resistant polyester that keeps them dry on drizzly days. Don’t forget the pockets, so your kids have a spot to warm up their hands or to tuck in small items to bring along on their outdoor adventures. A two-in-one jacket is a win-win for both your budget and their fun.

Check out these favorite outerwear prints for your child to boost their style and confidence when they're out playing all day.

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