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Men's outerwear

5 Gifts Every Guy Needs

That special man in your life deserves to know how much he means to you. Whether he's a father, a grandfather, a son, brother, partner, or a friend, we've narrowed down the top five gifts he'd love to receive. Keep these in mind for his next birthday, an upcoming holiday, or just because. We guarantee a hug and heartfelt "thank you" are in your future.

1. Backpack

If the guy you're shopping for is adventurous, a backpack should be your gift go-to. Start planning your next escapade by surprising him with a backpack that features an insulated on-the-go cooler to store everything he'll need for a wilderness hike, day at the beach, or picnic in the park. If that's not really his style, consider a bag that is great no matter the use, so workaholics and gym rats alike can get plenty of use out of it. A long-lasting bag will let him carry your thoughtfulness with him everywhere he goes. Does your guy constantly spill his coffee? Make him smile and feel seen with a water-repellent waxed canvas laptop briefcase or backpack. Want to make it more personal? Monogram a backpack, duffle, or tote for a classic and tailored look that'll make it clear your gift was given with his individual style in mind.

2. Belt

For the man who loves to dress up, a belt comes highly recommended on the gift list. With so many different kinds of belts for men, you might be a bit perplexed as to which one to choose. To help you decide, here's a break down of the styles he'll love.

A classic leather belt will go a long way. This is the most versatile belt out there for men, so when in doubt, shop leather. Think about what color shoes he normally wears with dress pants, and try to match or complement it. If the decision you're trying to make is more about the color, we recommend our reversible belt, so you can get him both a black and brown belt all in one. If the guy you're shopping for likes to stand out, the braided styles will be perfect for him. Consider the ever-classic suspenders for a guy who knows how to rock them right – depending on the outfit, they can offer a professional or edgy flair to any man's wardrobe.

3. Cashmere

Men's cashmere sweaters are top-notch soft, and guys who like the finer things in life are really going to appreciate one (or two!). Not only are these sweaters available in all kinds of colors and styles, but they're also versatile across seasons. Because they're lightweight and breathable, cashmere sweaters keep the chill off in autumn and spring, and will trap in warmth throughout the winter for a toasty guy and a cozy hug. While cashmere is a win in any style, check out options like V-neck, turtleneck, or scoop neck, and think about what would look best on his silhouette. If you can't decide, try one of each in different colors! quarter-zip and button mock silhouettes for the guy in your life. Check out the quarter-zip and mock neck sweaters for a different take on cashmere cuts.

4. Tie

Businessmen are known for being tie collectors. If this is the type of guy you're shopping for, then he has probably been wearing the same ties for years, and could definitely use some help upgrading. Since ties are the gift that caught your eye, you probably have some idea that they come in an infinite number of colors and patterns. If you're gifting someone a bit old school, a solid-colored silk tie is a quintessential choice. Feel free to branch out on their behalf with a simply striped tie to give their look a little boost. For the trendier, more modern man, you'll want to aim for something a bit unique. From polka dots and bolder colors to embroidered fox patterns and different fabrics like our silk knits, you can shake up his tie game in no time.

5. Down Vest

If you want the guy you're shopping for to be snuggle-ready, consider gifting him a men's down vest. Think about the right sizing, keeping in mind that he'll probably have long sleeves or a light sweater underneath when it's cold outside. Make sure to filter for Regular, Big or Tall to focus your search options. From there, the fun begins! A stylishly warm vest can fold up into a handy chest pocket for on-the-go guys. For the practical guy you know doesn't like changing up his wardrobe every season, vests are a great option. He can get three seasons out of this versatile style, thanks to its bulk-free silhouette, allowing for layering to his heart's content. There really is something special for every guy in your life!

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