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Flannel Shirts

5 reasons flannel shirts are awesome.

1. Flannel shirts create an instant fall look.

Whether you're dressing for casual Friday at work or going out with friends, a men's flannel shirt instantly makes you look like you've stepped right out of a pumpkin patch. Maybe you work in Accounts Receivable and have been looking forward to the return of the pumpkin spice latte at your local coffee shop, or maybe you've spent the last couple of hours chopping wood to keep your cabin warm on a cold night. It doesn't matter – the flannel gives you the instant classic fall look. People will see you from across the street and say to themselves, "Hey! That guy looks like he's having a great fall."

2. Flannel shirts are soft and cozy.

Lands' End flannel shirts are a far cry from the scratchy flannels your dad used to wear – you know the ones we're talking about, the flannels you have to wear with a men's thermal shirt just to keep away from your skin. The heritage brands that made those flannels may have improved their shirts' softness since the 1960s, but we think we've done them one better. Lands' End flannel shirts are brushed on both sides for a softer feel. This means your flannel feels like your coziest and most comfortable shirt from the first time you put it on.

3. Flannel shirts are the perfect fall layer.

You can build a whole outfit around your Lands' End flannel. The flannel is just the first part. Throw on a pair of classic dark wash men's jeans and a men's fleece jacket, and you've got yourself a real winner of a fall ensemble. If things get extra chilly, your flannel will look just as good with a men's down coat or men's winter parka.

4. Flannel shirts are made to last.

Our men's flannel shirts are made from ringspun combed cotton. Ring spinning combed cotton makes stronger yarns that can be woven more tightly, resulting in a stronger fabric. The combing process removes smaller cotton fibers that would result in weaker yarns. This all comes together to make a strong fabric that makes shirts you can wear for years and years.

5. Plaids are awesome.

We love plaids for fall, and plaids seem to go hand in hand with flannel. They add a certain heritage feel to an outfit, and they just feel warmer and cozier (this is not scientifically proven, but it feels like it should be). Your flannel shirt is as important as a good pair of men's winter boots or a fleece jacket for completing your fall wardrobe. And like both of those items, investing in a higher-quality flannel helps make sure you'll be wearing it not just this winter, for many winters to come, too.

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