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5 Tips for Having a Great Time with Your Kids at the Movies

5 Tips for Having a Great Time with Your Kids at the Movies

The movie theater is a parent’s silent nightmare. Your baby screaming in the middle of a quiet drama, your toddler getting restless just as the previews end, the popcorn bucket flipped over. It doesn’t help that these are semi-pricey outings and all you want to do is see something that’s memorable for you and your kids. It can be tough, but if you’re ready to get cozy in your sweaters and flannel shirts here are five tips to get out there and see a new movie.

Find a Kid-Friendly Movie

While character development, cinematography, and direction have their inherent value, these are rarely topics you discuss with your children. Think bright colors, animated movies, light surrealism: the things that are bubble gum for eyes and ears. It does get cold in there, doesn’t it? You can sit back and tune out in the comfort of your flannel shirt. Bring a kids’ fleece jacket for your little one, just in case. Makes a comfy cushion if they need a little extra height.

Show a Test Movie at Home

At home in the comfort of your flannel pajamas, try to get into the habit of staying quiet during movies they’ve never seen before. Tell your kids that if they’re quiet during this movie then they’ll be ready to go to the theater. Laughter is completely ok. Singing along to a tune to their made-up lyrics? Slightly less adorable in a crowded theater.

Stock Up on Popcorn

Here’s a pro tip every parent should know. Buy the most economical size popcorn you can handle. Then, stuff a few small paper bags in your canvas tote. Divide the single bucket into easy-to-share sizes. While you’re at it, make sure you bring an extra graphic t-shirt and joggers for your darling in that canvas tote. You never know when a juice spill can happen. Sherpa hoodies are going to keep the kids warmer than the movie theater butter too.

Give Arcade Games a Go

If you get to the showing a bit early you can help get the ya-yas out with a few arcade games. Running late and they see the arcade? Let them know that if they’re quiet in the movie theater, they can have a go at the racing games afterward. Bonus points if they keep their polo shirts clean.

Matinees are a Must

Matinees are perfect for kids. They can be jam-packed with other kids or completely empty. Either way, these are typically cheaper options that are ideal for kids and you’ll get out before it’s dark. That means you can show up in your warmest winter coats and leave without getting too chilly on the way to the car. You can go for cheaper options at theaters that release the movies later on in the month. We know how hard it is to wait though, so whatever option suits your budget.

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