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5 Exciting Ideas for Celebrating the Holidays with Family

5 Exciting Ideas for Celebrating the Holidays with Family

When the leaves start to change and the aroma of pumpkin spice is in the air, it's natural to start feeling a little festive. And, if you like to set the stage for epic holiday celebrations, owning a set of matching family Christmas pajamas flows seamlessly into this equation.

Imagine this: Your most beloved family members are all finally home and it's Christmas Eve. After a fantastic dinner, everyone slips into their comfortable Christmas jammies. Maybe you all snuggle up to a favorite holiday movie and munch on some popcorn. When the movie's over, it's time to catch some zzzs. The next morning, everyone comes downstairs and either waits anxiously by the presents or reaches for a hot cup of coffee. What happens next on this most magical day is up to you. Here are five ideas for celebrating the holidays in your matching Christmas pajamas!

#1: Take a Family Photo

Of course, you can't all be wearing coordinating sleepwear and NOT get a record of it, right? We mean, it's hard enough getting everyone in the same place once a year! Capture the memories of yourself and your loved ones donning the same color scheme and holiday patterns and relish in the togetherness. Matching pajamas for every member of the family will bring smiles and memories flooding back all year long—and don't forget a flannel bandana for your dog! Gather 'round and take some of the most epic photos of the year—and create a family hashtag to keep all your memories in one place on social media.

#2: Have a Movie Bingefest

There's nothing we like more than taking some time out and partaking in some good clean fun. This is why a Christmas movie binge-fest throughout the day is what we consider #goals. So after everyone has had a chance to tuck their presents in their rooms, it's time to curl up on the couch and watch some great movies. Tired of the blanket tug of war from your young ones? Grab a fleece blanket to keep everyone toasty throughout the entire program. It doesn't matter if your favorite holiday movie is off the beaten path or your typical traditional Christmas flick—all that really counts is that you all have a blast!

#3: Backyard Firepit Time

If your family still likes to enjoy the outdoors in the colder months, then put on your matching sets of flannel pajamas and gather around the fire. Hot cocoa, s'mores, and lively conversation are the only other accessories to make this night a success—well, unless you'd like to throw on some jackets to take the edge off the outdoor chill. Cashmere sweaters and winter snow boots are also welcome companions for your outdoor escapade. So stay warm and enjoy the refreshing feel of a winter evening gathered around one of mankind's oldest but unbeatable forms of entertainment.

#4: Game Night!

If you're not up for braving the outdoors in your pajamas, a game night is a great way to pass the evening. After your bellies are full from a satisfying Christmas dinner, pull out a family-friendly board game or a deck of cards and let the good times roll. All that we ask is that if you haven't been letting Aunt Stacie win at Rummy for the past two years, give her a break this time. Try not to get hot under the collar while you sport your Christmas sweater during a round of Monopoly.

#5: Make it a "Crafternoon"

Maybe you and your family are handy and like to make things. Having craft time in the afternoon is a great way to bond and do something unique and memorable. This is especially great for kids who are at their best earlier in the day! Gingerbread houses are a delicious and obvious favorite, but anything goes as long as it's something your family enjoys doing. Make a wreath, crochet scarves, or find another craft that meets everyone's skill level. We guarantee that you'll have a wonderful afternoon and create a valuable souvenir of your time together this year.

Aside from owning personalized Christmas stockings, we can't think of anything more spirit-boosting during the holidays than cute and cozy matching pajamas. Find your favorite set and get ready to spend quality time, whether it's a quick cuddle or a crafty evening!

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