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How to Take a Good Selfie

Tips for Taking Better Selfies

There’s an art to taking the right selfie. We’ve seen how millennials will do just about anything to get the perfect look, the slightly unnerving glance into that camera lens as though it’s a welcome paparazzi. You’re probably thinking, “Really? Isn’t it just take a snapshot? That’s all it is to me.” Sure, there are different levels of selfie that each of us are comfortable with. You can make your spring selfie look natural, normal, and confident with a few of these tips on how to take better selfies.

Check Your Surroundings

You want to make sure you are framing the photo correctly. A large cement bathroom building? Unless it’s a historical bathroom and you’ve traveled all this way in some sort of bathroom pilgrimage, we suggest a better view. That dock leading into that beautiful lake? That’s what we’re talking about. If you shoot directly into the sun you might just look like a shadow in the picture. Your carefully coordinated women’s T-shirt, cotton cardigan, women's down vest should show its true colors rather than getting blown out by that giant fireball in the sky.

Your Face

That’s right. We love a selfie with your face in frame. I have a tough time getting my giant head into the picture so there are times where I have to flip my phone sideways to get a widescreen view of me and all that’s around. A full-frame of your face might look okay but we’re not looking to retake that passport photo (even though we want to so badly). If you’re on the beach you can get your face, the beach set-up (your tote bag, beach towel, umbrella, volleyball), and the lake in view.

Smile! Or Don’t?

You had an awesome day out there and you want to show people you and your cotton sweater had loads of fun. A selfie can convey exactly what you were feeling at that moment. If there’s a bear behind you and you want to capture the moment in a unique way: put on that scared selfie face. Maybe the bear will stand on its hind legs and wave too. Honestly though, if there’s a bear in your selfie, you should take serious precautions.

Foul Weather Fun

If it’s a windy and rainy day you can introduce some theater into your selfie. Throw a fist in the air as you cinch the hood of your lightweight Squall® rain jacket and a scream toward the reckoning clouds. Turn your umbrella upside down for a few minutes in the downpour. Dash outside, stand next to it looking fearless in your waterproof raincoat. Really, just have some fun with it. If the weather isn’t freezing, put on your swim tee, swim shorts, and flippers. Maybe even a snorkel mask on your face for fun. Creativity points if you can get your cat and dog to stand in the rain with you. Such epic cinematography might actually go viral.

Whatever you do, remember to have fun with it. And share those photos with us!

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