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Christmas Gift Ideas: The Perfect Women's Winter Coat

Are you looking to give a woman you love a Christmas gift that'll warm her heart (and the rest of her, too)? Then a terrific winter coat is a perfect gift option. But how do you find the perfect one for her?

It can be an intimidating undertaking – picking clothing that she'll wear, maybe daily, for months at a time. But it doesn't have to be a complicated process. In fact, if you follow these four steps you'll be able to narrow your choices and hone in on the coat that's a picture-perfect present for her during the holidays this year.

Step 1: Start With the Trends

Chances are, the woman you're considering buying a winter coat for already has a few outerwear options in her closet. So, a smart starting piece of shopping advice it to take a look with what she already has, and then compare it to modern trends that can expand her winter coat options, without overlapping with the outerwear she already has.

Among the hottest looks on winter coat runways are: coats in bright colors and prints, like plaid (rather than more traditional neutrals); sleek women's winter vests and jackets to full-length coats; oversize coats in cuts that are relaxed through the shoulders and hips, and luxe wrap coats in natural fabrics for dressier occasions.

If one or more of these styles sound like a perfect fit for her fashion sensibility, or, even better, lines up with any hints she may have dropped about the kinds of winter coats she wants or needs, you're on the trail of a fabulous gift find.

Step 2: Think About Where She'll Wear It

The next factor to consider is where she'll be wearing the coat, because you need to pick a coat that's a match for the weather she'll wear it in. Ask yourself: Does her region have bitingly cold winters, or are you facing milder temperatures?

This is a critical step in finding the perfect woman's winter coat. You're looking for outerwear that will keep her warm and comfortable, but not a coat that will do more than that. It's a common mistake for a coat-buyer to think that more is better, and choose their gift from the warmest winter coat options available.

But the most insulated options can actually be way more than a woman needs if she lives in a milder climate, leaving her with a winter coat that's far too warm to wear. Check the warmth rating of the coats you're considering, to make sure they're a good match for your local forecast keeping her warm without causing her to swelter in her coat.

Step 3: Consider What She'll Be Doing When She Wears It

Once you know the outerwear styles she likes, as well as the winter weather she faces, the next thing for you to think about during your gift-selection quest is what she'll be doing when she wears the winter coat.

Should you look for clothes that are easy to move around in when she's running around doing errands? Or does she need water-resistant coats for trekking or sledding all day in the woods? Maybe she needs a pretty coat to complete the dressier outfits she might need for a more formal workplace or dressier nights on the town?

If you're able to find the sweet spot that combines her style, the weather, and her wardrobe needs, you'll have uncovered everything you need to know to find the perfect winter coat for her Christmas gift this year.

Step 4: Add Accessories to Pull the Look Together

Once you've found the perfect women's coat for your Christmas gift, you can take that wonderful present to the next level by pairing it with accessories that suit her personal style and your pick.

Look for winter snow boots that suit the style of the coat you're buying.

Gift-giving pro tip: If you're buying a coat for a mom, choosing winter coat accessories is a fantastic way to bring kids into the present-selection process. You can ask them to help you pick out their favorite choices.)

Start with colors: Pick shades that match if you're looking to create a subtle, sophisticated look, or go the other way by selecting accessories in pops of boldly contrasting colors to create a burst of winter color and energetic style. Pick chunky knits to contrast with sleek looks, or match high-tech outerwear with equally advanced materials in the hats, gloves, and scarves you select.

And next think about the materials: Dressy coats often call for more refined options in luxe materials like cashmere; super warm gear for the winter's coldest days needs equally warm hats and waterproof boots that can stand up to icy winter sidewalks; and coats for your everyday errand-running are made even more busy-day ready with things like gloves your phone without removing them on the run.

This coat-plus-accessory combo will create a Christmas gift she'll love this winter and beyond

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