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Active Swimwear for all Activities

Active Swimwear for All Activities

All swimwear could be considered active wear. After all, putting on a swimsuit is the natural prelude to activities like swimming laps in a pool, catching waves in the ocean or starting a pick-up volleyball game at the beach.

But there's a divide between swimwear and active swimwear. Active swimwear is specifically designed with features like chlorine-resistance and UPF 50 sun protection. Those key features can make all the difference on a sun-kissed afternoon. When it comes to active swimwear, you want support and sun protection in one package; never settle for one or the other.

Why Should You Get Chlorine Resistant Swimwear?

We're thankful that chlorine gets all the nasty stuff out of swimming pools, allowing us to dive in without fear of bacteria. But we don't love what the chemical does to swimwear. Chlorine can damage swimwear and turn what was once a perfectly fitting one-piece bathing suit limp or stretched-out. As anyone who's ever put in the time finding that perfect swimsuit can attest, seeing it pushed into early retirement on account of chlorine is never a great way to start the summer.

But if your swimwear is chlorine resistant, it will stand up to chlorine's corrosive effects and allow you to take as many laps as you want without wearing out your favorite bikini. You can think of chlorine resistance as insurance, but for your swimwear.

What is the Best Chlorine Resistant Swimwear for Aerobics?

If you're looking for swimwear that's suited to aerobic activities and able to withstand chlorine, you'll find no lack of options in our AquaSport swim collection. Square neck one-pieces, scoop neck one-pieces, high-neck tankini tops, and scoop neck tankinis will provide the level of support water aerobics requires while resisting chlorine so that their fit is preserved for another swim.

Another great option is found in the form of our classic Tugless Tank. While not as highly chlorine resistant as the swimsuits that make up our AquaSport swim collection, it is still chlorine resistant enough to withstand chlorine's negative effects. Most importantly, its stay-put straps and non-creeping bottom will keep it in place amid even the most intense activities.

Why are Swim Tees and Rash Guards so Important?

We shouldn't have to tell you about the importance of wearing sunblock, but sunblock alone isn't always enough. If you're planning to spend a full day at the beach–and don't have the chance to or time to continually re-apply sunblock–opting for a swim tee or a rash guard is a great idea. They can add an extra layer of UPF 50 sun-protecting power, which will combine with whatever sunblock you've already applied to create an incredible layer of UV ray protection.

No matter what your plan for a beach day might include, bringing along a rash guard will be a safe bet. Every kind of beach activity carries its own warning zones for bare skin. An extended dip in the ocean will expose shoulders, while any time spent lazing on a towel can leave the torso open to sizzling rays. Even if you're simply planning on a simple walk up and down a stretch of sand, doing so with bare skin exposed can lead to painful burns later on.

Unless, of course, you opted to bring along a rash guard. With a rash guard protecting some of your more vulnerable areas, you can count on returning to the beach the next day for extra sun in the fun, rather than having to beat a hasty retreat back to the air-conditioned indoors with a bottle of aloe vera and Netflix.

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