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Top Festive Essentials for Your Holiday Wardrobe

Top Festive Essentials for Your Holiday Wardrobe

Any woman who loves to play with different fashion styles is like a kid in a candy shop during the holiday season. There are endless opportunities to experiment with new trends or stick to tried-and-true styles that create an iconic winter look. Whether you are the woman who is bold in her fashion choices or the woman who feels she needs a little direction, you can never go wrong with any one of these holiday wardrobe essentials this season.

Play With a Vest

A vest is a great item because it offers the chance to both make a statement and enjoy practical comfort simultaneously. Although a neutral-colored vest may appeal to you for general use, there is something to be said about a colorful or patterned vest, especially during the holiday season. A red checkered puffer vest or a red-and-green plaid vest are both great patterned options to wear on a snowy day just before Christmas. And with vests that are colorful and fun, you can wear a white long-sleeved shirt to really emphasize the patterns of the vest. If you'd rather stick to solid colors but still want something festive, try pairing a white long-sleeved shirt with an evergreen velvet puffer vest or a lightweight light blue down tunic vest.

Accessorize With a Shawl Wrap

A shawl wrap is equal parts glam and comfy. It offers a great way to look good without trying. No, really ... throwing on a shawl wrap requires virtually no effort. Translated, you spend less time worrying about what to wear to pick up the kids from school or attend that upcoming holiday party. A red, green, and yellow plaid shawl wrap is perfect for the holiday season, yet still can be worn for many months following it. A soft gray knit shawl wrap always looks chic, and a black, white, and gray checkered shawl creates an element of understated elegance. And one of the most notable attributes of a shawl wrap is that it can be worn in a variety of ways, allowing you to totally transform your outfit with this single article of clothing.

Stay Classic, Sport a Sweater

Sweaters are so perfect for the holiday season that people have actually devoted entire parties to sweaters (i.e., the ugly sweater holiday party). Except at whatever festive holiday event you are attending, you can don a flattering sweater instead (unless it does turn out to be an ugly sweater party after all). A soft cashmere sweater is almost a rite of passage, a wardrobe staple that should be found in every woman's closet by a certain age. It's versatile in that it can be worn for casual and formal occasions. It works if you're just staying around the house or going out for a dinner party with friends. A cotton drifter shawl cardigan sweater in a neutral color is another type of versatile sweater that can be worn for many purposes. For something decidedly formal or “businessy,” a sweater fleece coat or a textured sweater fleece blazer is the way to go. For those days when you have absolutely no intention of stepping outside on a blustery cold day and would instead rather stay indoors sipping a hot drink and reading a good book, a sweater fleece tunic pullover top is about as cozy as it gets.

Style Your Outfit With Colorful, Patterned Pants

So much attention is given to the top articles of clothing. Why not switch things up a bit by making a statement with the pants you wear? Print sport knit pants in a gray or turquoise color are casual and comfortable, yet stylish enough to draw a little attention to your whole outfit. Pair these pants with a solid colored top and you have successfully pulled off the effortlessly stylish look. If you'd like pants that complement your top, try a pair of white mid-rise straight-leg corduroy pants with a red or green shirt. And if you want to look festive in the office, go for a pair of mid-rise bi-stretch pull-on ankle pants in a fatigue olive geo pattern and color.

Keep It Simple With a Scarf

When it doubt, finish off your festive holiday outfit with a scarf. A red-and-navy blue checkered cash touch winter scarf looks lovely on a snowy winter day. To add a dramatic hue to your look, wrap yourself up in a pleated cash touch winter scarf in a deep claret or Persian plum color. If you are sticking to solid colors with your tops and bottoms, have a little fun with your scarf choice by completing the look with a Persian plum striped scarf that can be worn around the neck or as a shawl. For something classic and definitively Christmas-y, wear a rich red cable knit scarf to your next holiday party.

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