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Are Pleated Front Pants Out of Style?

Are Pleated Front Pants Out of Style?

When the season is about to change, many of us ask ourselves what types of pants are still in style. Do front pleated pants still make the cut? Read on for ideas.

Front Pleated Pants Are a Classic

Few garments in a woman’s wardrobe are more classic than a pair of well-made pleated pants. With a straight leg, front pleated pants can go from casual to business casual to preppy. Depending upon your individual style, they can evoke a feeling of being on a college campus in autumn. This is particularly true if you pair them with a nice pair of ballet flats or penny loafers, a women’s white blouse and a women’s cardigan they can be part of your go-to wardrobe. For a more casual option, go for a women’s tank top underneath your cardigan. White is always a good choice, but if you go with neutrals for both the pants and the cardigan, a nice pop of color can be fun.

If you are looking for a style of pants that will always be in style, front pleated pants are for you. They also have the advantage of emphasizing your waist — especially if you choose to tuck in a top — while creating a graceful silhouette. For a more casual look, just put on a women’s sweater with your front pleated pants. This will keep the gentle lines of the silhouette while emphasizing the pretty color and design of the sweater.

Front Pleated Pants Can Be Laid Back

Maybe you’re not into the preppy or classic look. If so, don’t write off front pleated pants just yet. Some of the best summer styles out there are wide-leg, front pleated pants. Popular fabrics are 100% cotton, cotton blends, and linen. A pair of white or beige wide-legged front pleated pants can be dressed up or down, plus they are great for traveling.

Unless you have just the right color combination, stick with neutral-colored wide-legged front pleated pants. The pants themselves are a statement because of the graceful, billowy fabric. A fabulous look can be a pair of bright, wide-legged front pleated pants with a blouse made from the same material in the same color. Sometimes, you just want to go monochromatic. It will create a dramatic and memorable look. Pair them with flat sandals in a matte neutral or metallic neutral color for the perfect finish to your ensemble.

How to Style Front Pleated Pants

If you are going for the preppy or classic look, choose a simple leather belt that matches the color of your shoes, say black or cognac. You want the belt to help “finish” your outfit but not stand out at all. If you are shopping online, measure the belt loops on your pants and make sure to buy a belt that is just slightly narrower than the belt loops. You don’t want a belt that looks like it is stuffed through the belt loops or one that looks like it is floating around either — it should look like they were made to wear together.

For more casual wide-legged front pleated pants, you have even more options. Think about what colors you plan to wear and how much you want to emphasize your waistline instead of other areas of your ensemble like that women’s blouse with the great necklace you have picked out. A bright belt will bring a pop of color and accent the silhouette of your ensemble while emphasizing your waist. Another great option is to wear a belt in the same or similar fabric to the pants themselves. White on white or beige on beige can look sophisticated and give you more options with the type of tops you would like to wear.

You have several options if you opt for a blouse instead of a sweater or blouse and cardigan combination. For wide-legged front pleat pants, a long flowing blouse is always a nice choice. The graceful drape of the blouse will coordinate with the drape of the wider legs of the pants.

Another standby for how to wear a blouse with front pleated pants is the French tuck. By tucking in a shirt only in the front of your pants and leaving the sides and back loose, you will create a sophisticated and casual look while maintaining maximum comfort.

Front pleated pants can be a lovely addition to your wardrobe. Keep an eye out for classic and contemporary ways to style them and enjoy!

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