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Base layers, thermal layers...let's just call it what it is: long underwear. Here's a breakdown of the best and why you need it.

When did choosing long underwear become a scientific expedition? Base layers, thermal layers, synthetics...Did we stop calling them long johns? Well, this winter you can return to the classic look and feel of long underwear with that modern warmth here at Lands' End.

For the same reasons you love pulling those wool socks on before embarking across the barren arctic floor toward the coffee machine, the same strategy ought to be applied to your legs and core. Whether you're looking to layer up for that winter jog, heading to the sledding hills, or sticking around home and want to avoid any thermostat drama, take a look-see at these long underwear options.

Thermaskin Heat styles are synthetic long underwear options. They’re quality picks for those of you who need something that can multitask *almost* as well as you do. They wick away sweat and keep that heat in while you're making the best of a winter day. Try a Thermaskin Half Zip for starters. Feels so good, right? Thermaskin base layer pants in patterns and solids have been worn in place of tights under dresses, they’re so nicely finished. But they work best as a first layer under anything from jeans to snowpants. rake in the compliments. Grab a vest too and look at you, the temperature clock is set back to September.

Have your eye on something a bit more silky smooth with a more natural edge? Think silk base layers. Our silk interlock crew and silk interlock pant will make you feel like you’ve been wrapped in luxury. Light, snug, and warm. Silk long underwear takes comfort to a new level.

When it comes to the best base layers, it's all about keeping your body warmth where it belongs: with you. When you're more active, the moisture-wicking fabric is a lifesaver. There's nothing worse than a sweaty tee shirt during a game of pond hockey. You may as well take an arctic plunge before third period. Same goes for those ambitious winter hikes. The fabric wicks away sweat from your skin and dries quickly. Make that base layer count!

Check out kids' long underwear options too and teach them the value of layers. They just might stay outside longer than 15 minutes after you just spent 20 minutes bundling them up.

One last thing: you're going to want your long underwear to fit well and close to your skin. Make sure the fit is snug. If those layers are loose you'll lose that valuable heat!

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