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Best Activities to Do Indoors This Fall

Best Activities to Do Indoors This Fall

There’s just something about fall. The air is crisp, leaves crunch under your feet, and the short days lead to longer, cozier nights. But the weather doesn’t always cooperate in the fall. Some days are sunny and dry, while other days are wet and miserable. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy everything fall has to offer, though. After all, you can do lots of things indoors and find ways to have some fall fun. Here are some of the best activities to do indoors this fall.

Decorate the House

If there’s one particularly “indoor” activity that people look forward to in fall, it’s decorating the house for Halloween. This is especially fun for kids, although the young at heart enjoy it as well. If you have kids, get them involved if you can, allowing them to help decorate the house and their bedrooms. Alternatively, you can surprise them by doing it all yourself and them having them wake up to the Halloween-themed house as a spooky surprise. You don’t have to spend a bunch of money buying Halloween décor, either. You can make crafts together as a family or couple, for example.

You can also make your décor multifunctional, buying orange and black hand towels and hanging them next to each other in the bathroom. If Halloween isn’t your thing, simply decorate for fall and Thanksgiving with some colorful leaf-themed décor and comfy textiles that make you enjoy staying inside.

Have a Fall-themed Sleepover

Sleepovers are fun no matter how old you are. After all, who said you have to be a kid in order to stay up late gossiping, eating junk food, and watching movies. Buy some special women’s pajamas or family pajamas that have a cute fall-themed design on them. Don’t forget some slippers or socks to keep your feet warm, too. Then make sure you have all the sleepover-appropriate supplies: snacks, drinks, games, and whatever else you might need for a fun night. It could also be fun to put the phones away and unplug for the night. Keep yourselves occupied by doing things together like carving pumpkins or playing classic fall games like bobbing for apples.

Have a Halloween Party

Even if you can’t have a big crowd in your home, you can still have your own intimate Halloween party as a family or couple. Play some spooky music, whip up some ghoulish treats, and watch a scary movie to end the evening. Don’t forget to dress up. It doesn’t have to be as elaborate as it is comfortable, since you want to be comfy and cozy at home. But even if it is just a simple Halloween-themed T-shirt, or a pair of cat ears with a black shirt and leggings, every little bit can help you get into the Halloween spirit. You can even have a virtual Halloween party where friends and family all come together on a video call and you can compare costumes.

Do Some Volunteer Work

According to numerous studies, volunteering has rewarding. It makes the people offering their time feel needed and gets the endorphins running after they realize how they benefited someone in need. You don’t have to volunteer in person, either. There are a variety of things you can do from the comfort of your own home. For example, you can make mats for the homeless to sleep on. You can make care packages for people in the military overseas. You can even spend some time doing administrative work for a non-profit from home. Contact your local volunteer organization to see what your options are, and then spend an hour or two rewarding yourself and your community with your efforts.

Do Some Fall Cleaning

It might not sound too appealing at first, but you can make cleaning fun with a little creativity. The seasons are changing, and there are things you need to do to prepare for winter. For example, it’s time to replace the summer bedding with warmer winter bedding, like flannel sheets. It’s also time to pull out the sweaters and pack away or donate summer clothing. Make it fun by rewarding yourself. For example, for every five items you donate, allow yourself to buy something new for fall. Get the kids involved by rewarding them for every bag of clothes or toys they donate or everything they fold away neatly in their drawers. At the end of the cleaning day, treat yourselves to a special dinner or dessert.

You don’t need to be outside to enjoy the fall season. Stay indoors with these activities to help you enjoy autumn even when you can’t be outside.

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