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Best Boys' Snow Boots

Best Boys' Snow Boots

It's the most wonderful time of the year for eager boys who love playing outside in the snow! As temperatures start to plummet and the forecast clouds over with chances of everything from light flurries to major snowfalls, it's important to be prepared for anything the weather has in store.

That begins with a reliable pair of boys' winter boots that your little man can comfortably wear throughout the season. Rest assured that there are dozens of great styles available out there, and he's bound to find one that he loves. But it's up to you to select a pair that meets the demands that snow and ice throw your way every season.

Focus on Wear Time

Just how often does it really snow where you live? If you live in a generally cold region where there's always the possibility for heavy snowfall, or there's at least one major snow event every winter, then it's crucial to purchase a pair of boys' snow boots that is equipped for the job. Durability and reliability are key, and heavy-duty construction is the way to go.

If, however, you're in a part of the country where the weather gets chilly but snow is less common, then you may not need to purchase the most intense boots out there. However, no matter what you do, remember that quality is king when it comes to winter footwear, no matter whether it's freezing cold or merely breezy. Your little guy will feel a lot more secure playing outside with a pair of solid boots on his feet—and you'll enjoy greater peace of mind, too.

Examine Their Wearability

No child enjoys wearing anything too tight or constrictive—or anything that is too challenging to put on and take off. The same can be said for footwear. Kids' winter boots in particular typically feature laces, zippers, Velcro straps or a combination of those fasteners, and some are simply pull-on in style.

Make sure to select a pair that isn't too complicated to figure out, especially if you plan to send your child to school in the boots. They should be able to pull them on easily on their own and take them off just as simply. Save the complex closing mechanisms for the older kids.

Check out the Features

The most high-quality snow boots feature several key elements that set them apart from everything else in the closet. Just as you look for insulated boys' winter coats to help see them through the chilliest days of the year, the same treatment should be paid to their boots. The same insulation is essential in a reliable pair of kids' winter boots, which are designed to lock in body heat so that your little one will stay comfortable and toasty no matter how cold it gets outside.

Equally important is the boot's rubber outsole. It should feel solid and sturdy in your grasp, and feature a complex, deep-tread pattern that provides your child with sufficient traction whether he's running or walking outside. Traction is key to promoting a dependable grip on icy or snowy ground. Be sure to inspect the upper's material, too. Anything that claims it's "watertight" isn't good enough for handling truly snowy conditions, so it's best to set your sights on some waterproof boys' coats that will lock out moisture so that their feet stay dry.

Different Styles to Consider

Whether you live in an ultra-frigid climate that calls for copious snowfall throughout the season or a region where there is just a hint of flurries, it's best to be prepared for anything. More challenging conditions call for something tough and durable, like our insulated winter boots. They're thick and substantial, featuring everything from waterproof gussets to lock out moisture to cushioned foam footbeds to nestle the foot in constant comfort all day long.

Another always-reliable option is a pair of heavy-duty duck boots. This tried-and-true style not only exudes classic appeal, but it also performs beautifully in snowy conditions. From their waterproof rubber shell to their fleece lining, duck boots are designed to comfort the feet and keep them toasty and dry even in the face of harsh winds. You can thank the 200-gram Thermolite® insulation for that additional bit of lightweight warmth!

Shop for Practicality

You know what your child loves best—and it's good to keep it in mind when shopping for something as important as a pair of winter boots. If he's fussy about too many bells and whistles, for example, lean more in the direction of easy, pull-on styles that don't require much effort. If he loves spending as much time as possible outside, focus on the tough styles that are built to perform throughout winter.

With the right pair of snow boots, your little guy will stay cozy all winter long. Make sure to send him out with kids' gloves, a good hat, and a scarf if he'll allow it!

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