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Top 5 Carry-On Bags for a Weekend Getaway

Top 5 Carry-On Bags for a Weekend Getaway

Friday is finally here, and it’s time to kick off those high heels and get out of town for the weekend. Are you prepared for light and fast carry-on travel? With all of those extra bag fees, having the perfect carry-on bag for weekend travel is a budget-friendly essential. Here are a few of the best carry on luggage pieces for lightweight travel.

A Personal Item that Converts

For us, airline travel is a bit of a ritual. After a long day in the office, we hustle to the airport, change into cozy clothing, and find the nearest coffee kiosk. Before you board, you’ll want to make sure you have all the creature comforts right at your feet for the flight. A roomier purse that converts into a backpack offers plenty of flexibility as an all-in-one bag for your flight.

With a simple strap and loop, you can wear the bag as a shoulder bag, handbag, or even a backpack for heavier loads. These convertible, catch-all bags can handle extra items such as a fleece jacket, a book, or even a laptop. The bonus? This bag is on trend this season.

Size matters with your personal item, so don’t go for something that’s overly bulky. You want enough room to keep a few handy items, but not so much that it takes up all of the space underneath the seat in front of you. Look for a medium-sized convertible bag that still leaves a little extra legroom.

The Hassle-Free Roller Bag

You’re frantically packing for that last-minute trip to a sunny destination. The first thing you should grab is your carry-on-friendly roller bag. Forget the strain of putting weight on your back with this grab-and-go bag perfectly suited for a weekend getaway. Make sure you have enough room for all the essentials, such as a pair of curvy fit jeans, your favorite tee, and those go-with-anything pumps.

Look for a carry-on roller bag that not only has plenty of room in the main compartment but also has a few quick-access zippers for things like liquids to make that pesky security line a breeze. Slightly larger external pockets come in handy for storing a light layer of clothing for when you arrive at your destination. Internal pockets and pouches keep smaller items such as socks and underwear well-organized.

Overhead-Ready Backpack

Today’s travel backpacks have come a long way from your school bag of yesteryear. Many bags can convert into shoulder bags, hiding their straps. They also offer security features such as zipper protection, making the bag more difficult to access from behind. Look for a brand that offers an overhead-approved version of a pack, so you know it meets regulations; 40 liters is a great size to fit all of your weekend essentials, including a jacket and an extra pair of shoes. Some bags offer extra interior pockets for organization or even a padded laptop sleeve.

Since you’ll be hauling your weekend bag with you, be sure to select a carry-on travel backpack that offers enough support with padded shoulder straps and even a hip belt. Carry the bag with the weight on your hips for the most comfort. As you board, stow the backpack straps away and utilize handy features such as a side handle. Walking with the bag in front of you makes squeezing down the center aisle a breeze.

Roller Backpack

Get the best of both worlds with an overhead-ready carry-on backpack on wheels. Rolling backpacks are less rigid and boxy, but they also keep the pressure off of your back as you travel around. With lots of pockets and storage options, these bags are the ideal choice for when you have the kids in tow. As you rush to your flight, you don’t want your kids complaining about a bouncy backpack; a rolling backpack allows them to tag along with ease.

The Perfect Laptop Bag

We would all love to leave work behind for a weekend, but sometimes we’ve got to squeeze in the final details of that big proposal while on the go. Find a laptop backpack that does double duty. Make sure there’s ample room for all of your tech, including chargers and battery packs, as well as plenty of spare room to store a few changes of clothing. If you’re savvy with packing light, you can likely fit all of your essentials in a well-designed laptop backpack.

Lightweight carry-on travel requires the right bag for the job. With a solid arsenal of carry-on bag options, you can jet-set your way to your favorite destination without having to spend time watching the bags go around and around the luggage carousel.

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