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Fleece Items You Should Have in Your Home

4 Best Fleece Items You Should Have in Your Home

Fleece is the absolute coziest fabric for chilly winter months. Curl up on the couch, light the fire, and cuddle up with your loved ones. It’s the fabric we all think of when we’re celebrating the winter holidays—whether it’s blankets, pillows, loungewear, or something extra special for your best doggo, you can’t go wrong with fleece.

If you’re the outdoorsy sort, there are so many fantastic fleece-lined garments and accessories—it’s the easiest way to stay warm during winter hikes or strolls to gaze at the stars or holiday twinkle lights. Think of fleece vests, fleece-lined hoods on long winter coats, or even fleece gloves and scarves. Bundling up in fleece ensures the most fun while you’re outdoors in alpine forests or walking along frozen lakes. Next time someone takes your photo with the gorgeous winter backdrop behind you, instead of “cheese,” you’ll be thinking “fleece”!

The Coziest Blankets

What’s better than a fleece blanket? They are so versatile—easy for lounging while watching your latest binge-worthy TV series, cuddly for late nights reading in your bed, or great for sitting outside watching the sunset when there’s a nip in the air. A fleece throw rolls up in a snap and is lightweight, so you can throw it in your car or bag. Be sure to check out all the different colors, including the plaid and alpine prints, for that perfect winter touch.

They’re great for little ones, too. If the kids are having a sleepover, throw several different colored fleece blankets on the floor and let them have a ball. They’re resilient and soft, great for any pajama party. While you’re keeping an eye on the kiddos (but keeping your distance too), why not enjoy a cup of hot cocoa and slip into some cute, comfy pajamas? The kids don’t have to be the ones to have all the fun. You deserve maximum comfiness too.

A Comfy Dog Bed

Surely you’ll want to keep your family dog just as warm as you are. Check out a dog bed that you can keep close by while you prep dinner or watch a movie. The pup is sure to appreciate the same cozy factor as you—a fleece-lined bed or small fleece throw designated just for the doggy will make them feel extra special, too.

Coordinate the dog bed with a few throw pillows. Choose from any number of styles—boho, plaid, ikat, or stripes—to keep your dog and your home in vogue and in step. Then, when it comes time to take the family photo for the holiday card, you can stage it with the matching dog bed and living room décor. Stylish, soft, and homey, all in one. Your friends and family will be dying to know how you manage to be so trendy and comfy. It’s that special magic of fleece.

Dreamy Bed Linens

Comfort isn’t just for daytime. Don’t forget those eight important hours of beauty rest each night. What’s better than waking up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day after a night’s worth of ultimate comfort? For the winter months, you absolutely cannot go wrong with fleece pajamas and flannel sheets. For an extra layer of nighttime fashion, go for the velvet cotton sheets for maximum chic vibes while you dream of snow castles and ice skating with the stars. Check out the embroidered options for a bit of sweetness and delicate detail for your bedroom. There are even organic options for the best that cotton has to offer. Add a few fleece pillows and throw blankets to seal the look.

While you’re dressing up your bed in the best cushy fabrics, don’t forget about yourself. Some snuggly women’s loungewear complements your bedroom’s vibes. Why not have a pajama party of your own? Invite some friends over for a cup of tea and yummy snacks while you all sport your coziest fleece loungewear. Those friends who lounge with you are the best kind to have.

Personalized Coziness

On a crisp fall day when the leaves have turned and blanketed the ground in gorgeous autumnal colors, grab your picnic basket and a thermos for some hot toddies. Be sure to layer up with a fleece vest and sherpa-lined hat with extra comfy pants for ease of movement while you enjoy the park.

Of course, you can’t have a fall picnic without a blanket. Go all the way and make it your own with a personalized throw blanket. You can make it special in so many ways: try out your initials, your dog’s name, or your anniversary. Or make it a yearly tradition and get a different blanket monogrammed each year for that season’s best in outdoor dining. While you sit under oak trees with your hands warmed by the thermos, you’ll be the envy of everyone in the park.

Whether you’re inside or outside, fleece can’t be beaten. Bundling up in fleece-lined layers keeps you toasty on a fall hike or lounging by the fire. Fleece adornments in your home—blankets, pillows, or the comfiest in bedding—make for the homiest feel and warmest regards.

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