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Best Friend Group Halloween Costume Ideas

Best Friend Group Halloween Costume Ideas

When you have a group of besties, every holiday can be more exciting. What better way to celebrate Halloween than to make a best friend group costume? It doesn't have to break the bank to create a group theme, and it can be a lot of fun working on the costumes together. With just a few ordinary items from your closet and some craft store purchases, you can make a memorable group costume. Check out these DIY best friend group Halloween costume ideas to make this upcoming party the best one yet.


Superhero costumes are always in style, and you can save a lot of money if you do this as a DIY group project. First, get a set of women’s T-shirts in various colors. Your friends may prefer different types of tops like tunics, tank tops, or long sleeve shirts, and that’s fine—the freedom to choose is what makes this concept fun and unique. The next thing you should do is look online for iron-on decals that you can use to decorate your shirts. You can keep it simple and wear skinny jeans as a bottom, or you can go all out and wear leggings with boots. The complexity of your costumes depends on your budget.

Musical Band

What kind of magic can you do with an old pair of jeans and a ripped shirt? Apparently, a whole lot when you decide to become a rock band as a group for Halloween. Whether you're inspired by hair metal, ’90s ska-punk, or a trendy boy band, you can make Halloween history by becoming an iconic band. Talk with your friends to find out what groups you like the most, and then go from there.

No matter where your musical tastes take you, it's easy to find clothing that will match your vision since pop stars wear trendy items like tank tops, jeggings, dresses, accessories, and more. To make your look even more convincing, check out some makeup tips from cosplayers on YouTube and invest in a wig to change your look completely. Stumped on finding a musical group? Make one person the “star” and the rest of your group be security!

Modernized Princesses

There's hardly any character more iconic than a classic princess. While typical princess costumes can be expensive online, you can have a lot of fun creating modern movie characters out of your existing wardrobe. For example, you can capitalize on a character’s typical color scheme and incorporate accessories and clothing that allow you to take a modern spin on that character. Try wearing a yellow women's dress and carrying an e-reader to be a modern version of Belle or wear a pink dress and a blonde wig to be modern Princess Aurora. This modern twist on these princesses’ classic looks will create plenty of conversation at your next party.

Olympics Team

Major sporting events like the Olympics always strike a lot of vibrant discussions, so what better way to make a memorable group outfit than to go dressed as your favorite Olympic team? All it takes is some stick-on letters from the craft store and activewear like athletic shorts to become sports legends—if only for one night.

Depending on the sport you choose, your outfit choices may differ. For instance, you may prefer leotards if you want to be a group of gymnasts. Or, you may want to customize a set of jerseys to be on a soccer team. To be budget-friendly, you can repurpose an athletic shirt that you haven't worn in a while. It's also easy and affordable to revamp something from your closet that you saved from your gym class back in the day. Get ready for plenty of photos because this idea is fun and gets the party talking!

Include the Furbabies

If you and your friends are obsessed with your pets, then make a costume that brings them into the fun. If you dress up like a group of veterinarians, you can take your precious cat or dog with you to a pet-friendly celebration. To nab the look, get some name tags and attach them to a clean white women’s dress shirt. If you can find an old lab coat or a pair of scrubs at a thrift shop, this can also make a convincing outfit.

Too often, people are forced to leave their pets out of the fun, but with this costume idea, you can take your precious animal friends with you and make the party even better. To make sure that everyone has fun, make sure that you bring enough snacks, water, and food for your pet. Also, confirm that where you are going is pet-friendly and the other animals will get along with your pet. When you prepare for a fun night, this will be an excellent playdate for all pet lovers!

Pro tip: If parties aren’t the right place for your pet, simply go trick-or-treating and keep your dog or cat on a leash.

By using one of these best friend group Halloween costume ideas, you are sure to have a great time with your besties.

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