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Best Jeans for Where You’re Heading

Best Jeans for Where You’re Heading

We’ve come to expect a lot out of our women’s jeans. They’re no longer the “rough-and-tumble-wear-them-on-the-weekends-or-when-you’re-playing-cowboy” jeans they initially were. These days, jeans have become an integral part of our every day wardrobe and we have no qualms when it comes to wearing them almost anywhere. We wear them for style and confidence at work when making presentations in boardrooms. They make great cheer-from-the-sidelines-without-embarrassing-your-kid spectator wear at any soccer practice. And the right pair of jeans can definitely keep things hot on a much deserved date night. Plus, when you desperately need a day of leisure, your jeans are always there for you – rain or shine – no matter what the day brings.

We may not give a second thought to wearing jeans in our everyday life but the type of jeans you wear for each occasion definitely deserves some consideration. After all, you probably wouldn’t wear your hiking jeans out to a nice restaurant on date night and those hug-every-curve date night jeans definitely shouldn’t be worn to the office. Don’t make the mistake of assuming one pair of jeans fits all occasions. Read on for our suggestions of what style of jean best fits where you’re going in life and ensure that you get there in style and comfort.

Best jeans to wear to work:

Even “Business Casual” offices have some form of a ‘not-too-tight-and-not-too-baggy’ type of dress code when it comes to wearing jeans to work. Maintain a professional presence at work and opt for a straight leg jean for your go-to work attire. Straight leg jeans are a classic cut, offering a fitted waist with more room around the knees and ankles than tighter styles like slim leg and skinny jeans. They also are flattering on just about any body type thanks to the straight line from waist to hem giving the illusion of longer legs (regardless of whether you have them). Dress them up with heels and a blazer for any day the boss is in the office or keep things casual with flats and a stylish tee. Plus you can get them in mid-rise or high-rise, virtually eliminating the worry of unsightly back-gap when you sit. Whether you buy them in a light or dark wash and wear them with a fitted shirt or flowy top, you can’t go wrong with this work wardrobe must-have.

Best jeans to wear for outdoor fun:

Spending time in the fresh air is good for the soul – but dressing in the wrong jeans to do it can bring you some serious physical discomfort. Don’t let your outdoor adventures get cut short because the jeans you wore hiking didn’t offer enough stretch to make it through the trail. A boot cut jean with excellent stretch and recovery is a great choice when you expect to be doing more moving – and exploring – than relaxing. Not only is the ankle hem designed to be wide enough to fit comfortably over a hiking boot or wide shoe but the slight flare from the knee down ensures you won’t be restricted when climbing boulders or pitching tents. Not that you’ll necessarily be wearing them camping but, boot cut jeans also look great with high heeled shoes or ankle boots. Wear them with cozy sweaters, flannels or dress shirts (though not sure we’d recommend that last one when exploring the great outdoors) and you’ll be the most stylish adventurer on the trails. Guaranteed.

Best jeans for date nights:

Nothing beats the anticipation of a much-needed date night with the one you love – or hope to love. Put your most-confident self forward at your next date night in a pair of jeans that accentuates all of your best features (and hides the ones you’re not so crazy about). Keep things interesting all night long in a pair of high or mid-rise skinny jeans. Not only are they stylish, hugging and highlighting every curve you’re proud of, but they’re also comfortable thanks to just the right amount of stretch throughout that makes it easy to sit, dance or sashay your way to a fabulous evening. Plus they were practically made to wear with heels and a fun, flowy top or fitted jacket. One thing to remember when shopping for skinny jeans is to make sure you get the right size. Even though skinny jeans are meant to be fitted from waist to ankle, they shouldn’t be tight at the waist, crotch or knees. If you’re uncomfortable in any way, try sizing up. After all, when it comes to looking gorgeous in a pair of jeans, size is only a number and you’re so over that.

Best jeans to wear for leisure:

These days it seems like those genuine moments of relaxation are few and far between. If you’re not packing in the fun on your days off then you’re probably playing catch up from all of the things you didn’t get done during the week. All the more reason to make those actual moments of down time as comfortable as possible. And really, what’s more comfortable than a pair of pull on elastic waist jeans? Otherwise known as jeggings. That’s right, jeans that are actually more like leggings. Pair them with your softest tee shirt and it’ll feel like you’re wearing pajamas all day. But you can actually wear them in public. Makes that whole grocery-shopping-on-the-weekends plan a little more bearable, doesn’t it?

Wherever you’re going in life, Lands’ End has the jeans you need to get there in style. Don’t waste another minute of your day compromising on comfort. Get the jeans you need at today and start living your best life by tomorrow.

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