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Best Jeans to Wear with Your Mock Turtleneck

Best Jeans to Wear with Your Mock Turtleneck

Calling all fashionistas! This retro style is back in, and we’re loving the tailored, fitted look of mock turtlenecks, no matter what they are paired with. Whether you’re more of a mini skirt kind of person or would rather opt for leggings or straight leg jeans, mock turtlenecks are a fun look that show off a slim silhouette while still being conservative and polished.

When it comes to pairing mock turtlenecks with women’s jeans, you can dress the look up or down and make it more modern or vintage, depending on the style of denim that you choose. Additionally, the jewelry and accessories you choose to pair with your mock turtleneck can make a drastic difference to the entire style and look of your ensemble.

Here’s our guide to perfecting the look of mock turtlenecks and our favorite denim jeans.

What Is the Difference Between a Mock Turtleneck and a Regular Turtleneck?

The difference between a mock turtleneck and a regular turtleneck is quite simple. Unlike turtlenecks, mock turtlenecks are much more fitted and do not roll over like traditional turtlenecks. Instead, they are much lower and tighter to the neck. Mock turtlenecks are much more reminiscent or representative of the ‘60s and ‘70s with a more fitted and tailored look, often coming in ribbed or cotton material.

Turtlenecks tend to get a bad reputation for being a little too conservative or stiff, but they are making a quick comeback as modern day polished looks. In a solid color, paired with denim or dark leggings, turtlenecks offer a classic look that can be transitioned easily from daytime to night with just a few easy tweaks. They are understated and can be worn as casual or as formal as you’d like. Similarly, mock turtlenecks can also be transitioned to any occasion based on what they are paired or accessorized with. Depending on the climate, mock turtlenecks come in both long and short sleeve, and in a variety of colors to be paired with different denim and pants of your choice.

Choosing the Best Jeans to Wear with Your Mock Turtleneck

The type of denim jeans that you choose when styling your mock turtleneck can make a big difference, and it all depends on the look you’re trying to achieve. For a vintage style that is representative of the ‘70s, wear your mock turtleneck with a pair of high rise jeans in a dark wash with a slight flare or wide cut. This style of jeans, especially in a dark wash, accentuates the length of the legs and creates a long silhouette, perfectly paired with the tailored cut of the mock turtleneck. The high rise jeans are extremely flattering, cinching the waist and providing a conservative shape that suits most figures. High rise jeans come in a variety of different washes and cuts, including straight leg jeans, making a much more conservative style more modern.

For a less specific style that is still ultimately chic and sophisticated, consider wearing a ribbed mock turtleneck in black with a pair of women’s black jeans or leggings and black boots or ballet flats. This all-black look is extremely stylish in an understated and polished way. Throw on a black jacket or coat for a style that can withstand the elements but still go from daytime to night.

An alternative and more casual style to wear with your mock turtleneck is a pair of straight leg jeans in a lighter wash, paired with a fleece vest and slip-on shoes for a more day-to-day look that is perfect for running quick errands or running around with kids. Both looks can easily be dressed up or down, and depending on the season, they can be mixed and matched, making the mock turtleneck an extremely versatile clothing item.

How to Style Your Mock Turtleneck Outfit

When styling your mock turtleneck, think about the overall aesthetic or look of your outfit. Are you channeling a vintage idol? Or just looking for an everyday casual appearance? Depending on the color of your mock turtleneck, this style looks put together and classic when paired with a silk scarf or with gold accessories like small hoops or statement earrings. Keep your look clean by wearing your ensemble with loosely pulled back hair and chunky heels or boots for an outfit that exudes sassiness, while remaining classic and sophisticated. For a more classic look, keep your accessories minimal — maybe wear stud earrings or simple hoops — to maintain a polished and elegant look that withstands the ages.

Have fun exploring different styles with your mock turtleneck. This is an extremely versatile clothing item that can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion.

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