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Top 8 Best Men's Winter Coats of All Time

Top 8 Stylish Winter Coats for Men

Men's fashion has come a long way and today's men's winter coats offer a fashion-forward look without sacrificing comfort. From the boardroom to the backyard, these winter coats bring the best in warmth and style. Here are the top 8 best winter jackets for men this season, and every winter that comes after.

1. Puffy, Fluffy Down

Sustainably sourced down is by far the best insulator in any coat. Down gets its warmth from a property called loft, which is when the goose or duck feathers trap air between them, warming you up in the process. Men's down jackets feature puffy styles that flatter any body type. Horizontal and gridded sewing patterns not only keep the down spread evenly throughout the jacket, but it also adds some style to your down jacket, bringing down the boxy, bulky look.

2. The Classic Bomber

Bomber jackets for men are back! These classic silhouettes feature a faux fur-trimmed hood and cinched waist and arm cuffs. The bomber is an excellent, all-around casual men's jacket. Slip it on with a pair of corduroy pants or your favorite pair of relaxed fit men's jeans. Today's bomber is different than its original army counterpart in that you can sport bolder colors such as rusty reds, midnight blues, and deep greens. This look works well for causal environments that demand protection from the elements.

3. Sophisticated Wool

The more business-minded man must have a sophisticated wool coat. In colder-weather climates wear a men's wool coat that brings maximum coverage from the elements. Look for timeless accents such as big buttons, a lapel, and arm cuffs. This essential men's coat means business but doesn't sacrifice warmth. Don't forget to bundle up with an accented scarf and a wool cap to match. The result is a fashion-forward, professional look that's well suited for the office or urban environments.

4. Hooded Parkas

For life in the extreme cold, a long-hooded men's parka is the ultimate in warmth and fashion. They protect against the wind, rain, and snow in the burliest of winter conditions. The best part about the parka is it goes with virtually anything from business casual all the way to shoveling snow in your pajamas. Combine it with a men's cashmere sweater and fleece-lined pants for long days in frigid temperatures. This frosty-weather staple is a must-have men's coat.

5. Classic All-Weather Coat

For protection against the shoulder seasons, keep the nippy air at bay with a waterproof, insulated men's coat that's ready to handle whatever conditions come your way. These types of coats are typically sportier in style, but that means that they are also well suited to outdoor recreation such as skiing, hiking, and ice fishing. For extra cold days, be sure to add a layer to your pants, such as wearing a pair of men's long underwear underneath for added warmth.

6. Rain, Rain Go Away

Having the right rain jacket is essential for protection against the elements. The best rain jackets allow you to breathe and may even have zippers in the underarms. Breathable rainwear allows you to wear your rain jacket for that drizzly morning jog. You won't feel like you're wearing a plastic bag with breathable, water-proof material but you will stay high and dry.

7. Fleecy Goodness

Everyone needs a staple men's fleece jacket to keep the chill at bay. Fleece jackets are perfect for warmer winter days where there is still a bite in the air or as a mid-layer in a layered jacket system. If you're the kind of person who gets hot or cold easily, having a fleece layer paired with a lightweight outer shell jacket brings a lot of versatility. Keep your fleece layer on and if you notice the wind cutting through, throw on a lightweight wind layer for added warmth. If the fleece is too hot, you can simply use the lightweight wind layer as a jacket, giving you options to handle changing weather.

8. A Lightweight Jacket for the Shoulder Season

For days when the temps are on the rise, have a lightweight cotton jacket in your wardrobe. These jackets are meant more for style and slight protection against the elements. They are ideal during the shoulder season when the weather is a bit milder. Use a lightweight jacket as a way to spruce up your look. Go for casual cuts with lots of pockets and drawstrings or opt for a more streamlined look for a modern touch.

Overall, men's jackets offer something for every occasion. The best men's jackets keep you warm and looking your best. Select a winter coat that suits the activities you're doing for maximum comfort this winter season. With a few key staple winter coats in your closet this season, you'll be extra comfortable and looking sharp.

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