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Best Plus-Size Jackets for Every Occasion

Best Plus-Size Jackets for Every Occasion

Winter fashion is getting better than ever, and when we start talking about plus size winter coats, we simply can't stop. We're crazy about these styles that range from casual to sexy, making every woman feel confident in her own skin. Are you ready to marvel at these figure-loving, fashion-forward beauties? We know we are ... so here we go!

Feeling Feminine: Cinch at the Waist

There's something special about winter coats that define the waist. Whether it's by belt or fit-and-flare cut, these coats deliver a feminine edge to a season known for bulky sweaters with crocheted reindeer designs. For a sultry silhouette on-demand, we recommend that every woman has one of these in her closet.

Let's be real—sometimes it can be hard to show off what we have when a coat covers it up. But just a small tweak makes a big statement. Drawing attention to the smallest part of the waist brings an old-Hollywood glam that flatters every woman. Whether you go for wool, cotton, or leather, the best winter coats enhance all your curves and make you feel like a million bucks.

Cozy Up With Fleece

Fleece is that classic wintry material that immediately summons a firepit, s'mores, and a cup of hot chocolate. The epitome of comfort, fleece jackets are the ultimate go-to outerwear for a morning jog or chilly evening on the porch. Not cold enough for a full fleece jacket? Then a women's winter vest will do the trick. We love the core warmth that these beauties provide while keeping our arms free!

Cold Weather Demands a Parka!

The reigning queen of women's long winter coats parkas are classic, dependable jackets that will carry you through the worst of winter. Water-resistant to keep sleet and snow at bay, they're also long enough to keep your hips and legs warm.

Pair this with a set of long boots and you have the ultimate winter outerwear. Tall women's coats are a necessity to stay warm when you're above average in height. Check out our parkas and other plus-size coats that will make your tall figure look fantastic.

Warm Up With Puffer Jackets

In the height of winter, puffer jackets are among the warmest winter coats you can find. They are your key to staying warm during early morning dog walks, that cold 10-minute wait for the bus, or that blustery trek from car to the storefront. Basically, puffer jackets are there when conditions get tough. Pair them with a companion puffer vest and you have a powerful warming duo to get you through winter in one piece.

Fleece-Lined Jackets for Everyday Comfort

Sometimes you want to feel of fleece but crave a different exterior material. We understand you—that's why our fleece-lined jackets have your favorite materials on the exterior so that you can express your personal style without sacrificing your love for warmth.

Wool Coats 2.0

You can't beat a classic, and we won't ask wool to outdo itself. But honestly, our plus size wool coats are extra special. Many of them are made of a refined wool blend that is easier to care for. They're also available in some incredible colors like deep mulberry and bright evergreen. Who said winter fashion had to be monochromatic, anyway?

The details in the lining are another point of pride. It is an extra step in the workmanship that ensures comfortable, long-term wear. Whether you get a coat with smooth lining or one that's double-lined with wool, you'll have a timeless piece that will take you from one place to another in style. Get a wool coat with a belt and you have the creme-de-la-creme of bombshell winter beauty.

For Any Storms That Come Your Way

When it's time to enjoy the outdoors, our plus size squall jackets are here to keep you dry with their water-repellent nylon shell and warm with its inner fleece lining. Designed for rugged adventure, this jacket should be in your closet if your plans include the outdoors this winter.

Jackets for Winter Travel

Jet setting in the winter is something of a tricky event, especially when carry-on luggage comes into play. Who wants to keep a big jacket in their lap for a six-hour flight anyway? Enter our ultralight packable down coats to save the day.

While they're incredibly light, they are still super warm. When you need to store them, they easily pack into an internal pocket for maximum space efficiency in your luggage. Our HyperDRY™ down is also something we like to brag about. It stays soft and warm, even if it gets wet. Now, doesn't that sound magical?

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