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Work Skirts

Best Work Skirts for Summer

When spring gives way to the cheerful season of summer, you need fresh clothing that will get you through the days while staying cool. A work skirt is comfortable, stylish, and easy to match with your favorite women’s blouses or T-shirts. Perfect for dressing up for a video meeting or going out for a walk when you feel like dressing up, you can take advantage of having different styles of work skirts in your closet. Here are some of the best styles that can mix and match with ease.

Stay Breezy and Cool in Khaki

When you want to maintain a professional look but breathe in natural fabrics, a khaki skirt is a quick answer. This bottom will help you feel great and can complement a wide range of tops — from the simple white T-shirt to a printed blouse. The neutral hue of khaki is easy to match with any material, which makes this skirt an easy basic to count on for a variety of formal and casual situations. Choose among various lengths and styles to find the silhouette and function that suits you the best.

Adorable Knee-Length Skirts

If you want to strike the perfect medium between long and short lengths, knee-length skirts are an excellent solution. Choose among different cuts like fit and flare, pencil, and relaxed fit to find the silhouette that makes you feel the most confident, no matter the occasion. Knee-length skirts can be dressed up or down with various tops, so they have plenty of replay value in different scenarios. Wear them with a blouse and blazer for video chats with co-workers or clients or pair them with a tucked-in T-shirt when you video chat a friend. With the variety of patterns and colors available, you can find just the right additions to your summer wardrobe.

Midi Skirts to Keep You Cool

Mid-length skirts, also known as midi skirts, answer your call for a sophisticated and accessible look. A mid-length skirt falls a couple of inches below the knee, slightly shorter than a tea-length skirt. It has just enough length to keep you covered while sitting on any surface — even on a picnic blanket!

With midi skirts, you get the bonus of breathability so you stay cool no matter if you're attending a virtual networking event or going outside or you just want to be comfortable at home. Longer skirts like midis also have that special “spring” in their step — you can feel it as you walk. The wider the skirt, the flouncier it is as it sways side to side in the breeze.

Timelessly Gorgeous Maxi Skirts

Sometimes the best length for the day is a timeless one. Ankle-length skirts have been on the fashion scene for decades, even centuries, because they offer a silhouette that works. Though maxi skirts have evolved over the years, they offer the same flouncy, flowy beauty that draws people to them.

An excellent alternative to capri or chino pants, maxi skirts provide the coverage you want and the style you crave. Get one with a drawstring or elastic waist to get the right fit. Wear it with your camisole hanging loosely out or tuck a blouse or T-shirt inside. There are so many ways to dress it up for going outside or when wearing it on a casual day at home. Get a few in solid, basic colors as easy pieces to match your tops and grab a few with exciting prints for a change of pace.

Skorts for Ultimate Mobility

When you want to unite the best of both worlds, skorts provide that extra coverage even if you choose something shorter than your usual bottom. Whether you choose this style in chino, plaid, or active-knit materials, this style has a hidden set of shorts that give you the coverage boost you need in the work setting. Ideal for anyone who wishes to stay active and modest, skorts make the option of a short-skirt silhouette possible.

Summer is a great time to experiment with new styles, and if you’ve been wanting to try a shorter skirt, skorts are an excellent starting point. They’re also ridiculously comfortable, so you may find yourself getting more after you try one for yourself. Get one with a cotton-blend stretch fabric to have just enough give to move freely with your body. Whether you sit at the desk for long hours or are constantly in motion, this is a style that can meet your fashion and comfort preferences.

Which style of skirt do you think is best for you? Have fun exploring the different materials, patterns, and colors that can complement your wardrobe.

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