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The 5 Best Travel Essentials in 2021

The 5 Best Travel Essentials in 2021

The top travel essentials in 2021 will keep you safe, happy, and healthy anywhere you go. From smart items that make travel less stressful to innovative products to put your mind at ease on your adventures, these expert picks will have you ready to pack your bags.

Slippers for Stress-Free Travel

According to Travel and Leisure, one of the top items this year to have is a sweet pair of shearling-line slippers. Why are comfortable slippers a must for travel? Not only can these items be a lifesaver for your feet on a long flight, but they’re also the perfect way to get cozy and relax once you’ve reached your destination.

Taking a road trip? Slippers come in handy on long drives too. Whoever isn’t driving will be glad to have something warm and cozy to slip their feet into. Kids can even use indoor-outdoor slippers when making stops on a road trip if you’re driving at night, making it easier on everyone.

The Reusable Water Bottle

A reusable water bottle is a classic travel item that’s essential to toss in your monogrammed tote for 2021. Keeping hydrated will help you stay healthy and refresh you during long car trips or other travel. You can also prevent germs by keeping your own bottle and refilling it, rather than having to use vending machines or purchase water from convenience stores. Plus, having a reusable water bottle on hand means your water bottle is available to you at any moment, and you can choose the options you prefer best, like flip tops, straws, or leak-proof lids. Don’t forget that reusable water bottles are better for the environment too.

Comfortable Travel Pants

Multiple travel experts and bloggers suggest that travel pants are key to successful travel in 2021. Comfortable, lightweight travel pants offer the ultimate in versatility. Comfy casual pants keep you feeling great in most conditions and hold up to long hours in flight or in a vehicle. Your best bet is to look for neutral styles that can be worn with any type of top or layered with tees, men’s or women’s fleece jackets, or other items to keep you comfortable in changing temperatures.

Hand Sanitizer and Face Masks

To stay healthy and cautious, experts across the board recommend traveling with health items like hand sanitizer and face masks. Having your own set of face masks can help put your mind at ease when you encounter crowded conditions and keep both yourself and those around you protected. While washing hands with soap and water is always best, the CDC recommends using a hand sanitizer with between 60 and 95 percent alcohol content to kill germs when handwashing isn’t an option (such as when traveling). Keep mini hand sanitizers on hand for the whole family this year.

A Durable Travel Wallet

Travel enthusiasts agree that a great travel wallet is one of 2021’s best buys when it comes to travel essentials. Not only does it help keep your travel essentials organized, from passports to hotel keys, the right travel wallet will also provide you security and peace of mind. Look for high-quality, durable, yet lightweight styles that will make your travels worry-free. The experts at NerdWallet suggest traveling with an “RFID-blocking travel wallet that can be tucked into your waistband or under your shirt” to prevent theft.

Travel With Peace of Mind

The right travel essentials will give you the peace of mind you need to travel in comfort and safety. Eliminate the stress and get ready to see the world with these never-fail travel basics.

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