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Women's swim separates

Best ways to style your swim separates

When you buy women's swimwear, you want to look good and feel comfortable both in and out of the water. In fact, you may be surprised to realize that many women buy swimsuits without even the slightest intention of getting wet. But for those who do, a swimsuit needs to be versatile. And if you plan on doing a variety of activities, you may even need a different suit for each one. Finding ways to style those swim separates is just as important as styling any other outfit. Here are some of the best ways to style your swim separates, whether you plan on staying in or out of the water, or both.

A One-Piece

There are many different types of one-piece bathing suits, from modest to more revealing. Style it up a bit to make it look different from one wear to another. For example, when you're on vacation and walking from the hotel to the pool, you'll likely want something with which to cover yourself up, yet you'll want that "something" to be easy enough to take on and off. A sarong is great for those reasons and can even make you look quite "dressed up" when worn over the suit and paired with some high-heeled sandals. And if you have just one swimsuit that you're loyal to but don't want to look the same during every day of your trip, a different sarong every day can completely hide the fact that you're wearing the same suit.

A Bikini

When it comes to swim separates, bikinis are quite possibly the most versatile in terms of styling them up, since they're so easy to mix and match. In fact, they're often sold separately (and called "swim separates") for that very reason. A lot of women have a solid pair of bottoms that they like to mix and match with a patterned top or vice versa. And they're easily worn under clothes without the obvious "she's wearing a swimsuit" look. Just remember to keep your planned activity in mind when wearing a bikini. You don't want to wear something too revealing if you're going to be splashing around in the waves or surfing.

A Tankini

The cool thing about a tankini is that the top can be worn on its own without looking like you're wearing a swimsuit or looking half-dressed if you go from the pool to indoors. They're also great as a tummy control swimsuit if you want to feel a little more confident in your suit. Take it from day to nighttime easily by throwing a button-down flannel over it to stay warm after the sun goes down.

Boy Shorts and Swim Skirts

Some women look sexier in boy shorts and swim skirts than they do in a regular bikini. Keeping in mind that every woman's shape is different, and every woman has different taste in swim separates, boy shorts and swim skirts can provide just enough modesty while also helping you actively enjoy some fun in the sun. In fact, boy shorts are typically preferred for the most active water sports. As for swim skirts, some have the skirt attached to bikini bottoms, while other swim skirt cover-ups easily slide over a pair of your existing bottoms. And just like a bikini, you can mix and match different bikini or tankini tops with boy shorts and swim skirts.

Swim Leggings

If you haven't heard of swim leggings, it may be time to get acquainted. They are designed to be worn either on their own or over your favorite swim bottoms, and they can be super comfortable both in and out of the water. Look for a pair with an attached skirt, or put a swim skirt cover-up over the leggings to give them a unique look. A hidden pocket can make them extra useful as well. Anyone looking for extra sun protection will appreciate a pair of these, whether hanging out at the pool, doing water sports, or taking a stroll on the beach. And you can wear them with a tankini or a bikini top, or even over your one piece.
A great piece of swimwear, whether tops, bottoms, a one-piece or anything in between, can be hard to find. So when you do find that perfect piece, you definitely want to make sure you can wear it as often as you want but also not get bored with it. The tips mentioned here should help you keep your trusty bathing suit in your life as long as possible while also making it look new every time.

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