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The Best Winter Coat Fabrics

The Best Winter Coat Fabrics

Staying warm is vital to your comfort throughout winter. Temperatures start to plummet in many parts of the country by mid- to late fall, so it’s important to prepare yourself with outerwear that keeps you as cozy and comfortable as possible — and that begins with the right type of material. Whether you’re shopping for women’s winter coats or outerwear for men or kids, you have a variety of options to consider.

But what’s the best of the bunch? It all depends on a few factors, from the conditions outside to your specific style preferences. Maybe you don’t mind the wind nipping at you a little bit and don’t love as thick a material. Others may prefer something bulkier and more substantial to lock in body heat. Here are a few options to keep in mind for everyone in the family.

Kids’ Winter Coats

Dressing little ones for cold weather is definitely something of a fine art. Layering is key to ensuring that they stay as warm as possible no matter how chilly it gets out there. On days when it’s cool but not quite cold in the must-wear-gloves-and-boots sort of way, a midweight kids’ winter coat made with fleece is an ideal option.

The material is soft and flexible, and it serves as an excellent insulating barrier. It’s also lightweight and highly breathable, making it ideal for kids who are constantly on the move or who are playing outside on a brisk day. And if it happens to get wet, parents don’t have to fret about soggy clothes because the fabric repels water, holds just a small percentage of moisture, and dries out quickly.

On a particularly cold day, a thicker layer is essential. An insulated winter coat made with down or synthetic material is essential to their comfort. In the latter group, nylon is an excellent choice that’s known for its durability and water resistance. It’s easy to maintain, a big bonus since children tend to get a little feisty when they’re playing in the snow and running around in the backyard. Colder days, however, call for something more substantial, like down. The advantage of this insulating material is that it creates a lofty barrier that traps heat and helps kids remain warm no matter how cold it is out there. Modern varieties aren’t bulky, either, so kids won’t feel like they’re wearing heavy-duty snowsuits.

Women’s Winter Coats

The best winter coats for women marry fashion and function. They’re pieces that provide the warmth you need to get through the day comfortably, yet don’t sacrifice anything where your penchant for great style is concerned. When it’s cool but not quite veering into icy territory yet, a polyester coat is a sensible choice.

The material is resistant to water, making it a great choice for wet weather. Yet it’s also relatively lightweight, so it provides a sufficient barrier without adding bulk to your frame. You can layer it over a sweater if it’s a little cooler and you need to ward off the chill but aren’t quite ready for a thick coat just yet.

When that time arrives, though, it’s best to be prepared with something that keeps you sufficiently warm. Wool is a versatile option that’s sleek and sophisticated, yet doesn’t sacrifice a thing in helping you stay comfortable. The material is a heavyweight option and is often blended with other fabrics to yield a softer texture. Down and down alternative insulated coats are also exceptional on colder days. They’re plush but won’t add volume to your frame, so you reap the benefits of cozy comfort without the discomfort associated with something bulky and overwhelming.

Men’s Winter Coats

Men’s coats are available in a wide range of materials, too. When you need warmth without the fuss, nylon is a fantastic choice for its strength and integrity. It’s naturally resistant to water, handles frequent wear beautifully, and doesn’t require much care and attention. In short, it’s the ultimate grab-and-go option for busy guys who need something practical and simple to wear with everything from jeans to khaki pants.

Wool-blend fabrics are ideal for colder days; the addition of another fabric like polyester softens the finish just enough. A woolen car coat or overcoat makes a refined choice when you’re headed to the office or want something more streamlined and less substantial. On truly freezing days, however, make an allowance for an insulated coat, either made with a genuine down or alternative material, to lock in body heat. Many feature polyester shells, so you can enjoy the benefits of water resistance coupled with extra warmth.

Whether you prefer a fleece jacket, a wool coat, a polyester topper, or a packable coat filled with trusty down, you’ll find dozens of styles for everyone in the family. With coats as fashionable as they are functional, you’ll look and feel your best on even the coldest days of the year.

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