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Black Friday and Cyber Monday: Your Ultimate Guide for Post-Thanksgiving Shopping

Black Friday and Cyber Monday: Your Ultimate Guide for Post-Thanksgiving Shopping

The Thanksgiving holiday weekend is a time to come together with your loved ones. You’ll enjoy a delicious meal. You’ll share stories and make memories. And, most likely, you’ll start planning those holiday gift lists. While it’s a good time to take a breather and unwind after an exhausting year, it’s also a nice moment to think about the people who mean the most to you. How can you express your gratitude?

A tangible gift is one way to remind them that they’re always on your mind. And when Thanksgiving comes to an end, you’ll want to snap up cozy winter coats and sweaters for everyone on your list, or put together handmade gift baskets full of their favorite sweet treats. Here’s how to make sure you tackle the biggest shopping weekend of the year like a total pro.

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Now is the time to decide where you want to shop. You might have specific items in mind to help you get started. If you’re shopping for luxury footwear for your high-fashion girlfriend, for example, you might have her favorite designer or boutique in mind. If you know a savvy cook who loves to spend time whipping up favorite dishes, there might be a kitchen gadget she’s been wanting for ages.

Wherever you decide to go, make sure that you’re prepared by subscribing to the stores’ email newsletters. Subscribers often have first dibs on all kinds of special treats. You might get a code for free shipping, for example, or receive a free gift with your purchase. Whether you’re buying winter accessories, housewares, pet gifts, or anything else, you can bet that you’ll feel good about your purchases knowing you did everything possible to score a deal.

Know What to Buy

The deals are everywhere. It’s precisely what makes both Black Friday and Cyber Monday the biggest shopping days of the year. While some deals are simply too good to pass up, be mindful of what you can truly afford. How can you tell? A good rule of thumb is to buy what’s on your list first.

Pick up the sweaters for girls and coats for boys before you snag the high-end set of pots and pans. Then ask yourself if you need them. Do they fit into your budget? Will you still have some wiggle room for other expenses that might come up during the season? When you’re honest with yourself, you’ll find it a lot easier to sail through the shopping weekend comfortably.

Make Your Pickup Plan

Some stores might offer curbside pickup on your purchases. That can be a huge relief if you’d rather avoid navigating through stores, yet you’ll still be able to enjoy a little bit of the Black Friday experience. This is a fun opportunity to gather the family in the car, sing some holiday songs together, and revel in the delight of your amazing steals.

Plan ahead as to what you’d like to pick up at the store, too, be it curbside or at the customer service counter. If you’re buying something more substantial, like teak furniture or electronics, you might consider doing an in-person run so you can have a look at the item up close. Smaller items are always easy to purchase online, often for great prices throughout the entire weekend.

Spread Your Purchases Out

Once upon a time, shopping after Thanksgiving revolved solely around Black Friday. It’s still an exciting day, but the excitement now spans the course of multiple days before culminating on Cyber Monday. That gives you a whopping four days to score amazing deals on whatever happens to be on your list. Odds are that the little black dress will be just as well priced on Monday as it was on Friday.

You’ll likely score a great deal in some way or another, whether it’s through a discounted Black Friday price or a savvy Cyber Monday bargain. Don’t feel the pressure unless it’s a big ticket item that’s likely to sell out within minutes.

Prepare yourself for an epic shopping experience on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday. With these tips in mind, you’re sure to have a successful Thanksgiving weekend in more ways than one!

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