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How to Style Bootcut Jeans

How to Style Bootcut Jeans

Trends come and go, but bootcut jeans are an indisputable classic. They’re fitted throughout the derriere and hips to show off your assets. The subtle flare at the ankle allows you to wear them with almost any type of footwear, including boots, sandals, and even flats. They’re also lovely with tees, blouses, sweaters and pretty much any kind of top. With something this versatile, you can’t go wrong. But, if you’re not sure how to make the bootcut jeans look work for you, no worries. Here are a few great tips for rocking bootcut jeans style.

What Does Bootcut Mean?

Unlike skinny or straight-cut pants, a bootcut jean splays at the ankle. This makes it easier to wear boots and chunky shoes, as the material will simply fall over them instead of bunching up. Bootcut jeans are also different from flares, which are much wider around the hemline and may look more like bellbottoms.

What is the Difference Between Straight and Bootcut Jeans?

Straight leg jeans don’t taper or flare out – they run straight from the hip to the ankle. Pair them with heels to make your legs look longer; they can also balance out a fuller bum and hips. Bootcut jeans, on the other hand, are wider around the ankle. They’re flattering on many different body types, and look gorgeous on women with an hourglass or plus-size figure.

How Do You Style Bootcut Jeans?

It’s hard to make a mistake when styling bootcut jeans – they go with almost anything. Try them with a chunky sweater or a print blouse, which is best worn tucked in with a leather belt. In the summer, pair them with a tank top or gauzy tee. Go for the double denim look and wear ‘em with a jean jacket. Or, try a blazer for a night out. When it’s cold, try a plush knit turtleneck.

Can I Wear Flats With My Bootcut Jeans?

You can absolutely wear flats with bootcut jeans, but they must be hemmed so they stop ¼ to ½ of an inch above the floor, unless of course they’re cropped. If you have short legs, consider wearing your flats with high-waisted jeans and a tucked-in shirt, which creates the appearance of length. Taller women will find a mid-rise pair works nicely, but you can up your style game by wearing flats that contrast with the color of your jeans for a look that pops. It's surprisingly easy to build cute outfits with bootcut jeans!

Can I Wear Bootcut Jeans to Work?

If your office has a strict corporate dress code, you’ll have to save your blue jeans for evenings and weekends. However, if things are more relaxed, you can probably get away with wearing them. Keep your outfit smart to avoid looking sloppy, though. Try a cashmere sweater with your jeans, or a freshly-ironed blouse. Skip anything too casual, like a strapless top or anything ratty and worn out. Instead of sneakers, try polished leather boots, heels, or pointy-toe flats. As long as you’re put-together, you won’t seem out of place.

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