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Bring the family together with these outdoor spring activities

Bring the family together with these outdoor spring activities.

The weather is starting to break, the warm fronts are beginning to awaken blue skies, and there are a thousand squirrels swarming your birdfeeder. Let’s make a move on this perfect weekend and get the kids running around the yard with you. There’s plenty to see and you can finally bring back those lightweight Squalls and fleece out of hibernation. After you reinstall the screen doors and mow the lawn, take advantage of these amazing spring activities.

Chalk it up.

The pavement or sidewalk can be your canvas, the largest one of all. That box of chalks in the garage has been there for as long as you can remember (maybe even came with the house) and can create a bunch of fun for you and the kids. Hopscotch anyone? Laundry tip: Jeans and chino pants can get chalk stains, so use a vacuum to get those bits of chalk out of the clothing, then shake off, and throw in the washer. For those tougher stains that remain, rubbing alcohol should do the trick.

Parks and Recreation.

Check to see if there’s a festival or event at one of your local parks. There’s music, games, shops, and plenty to do for the whole family. If it’s a bit early for the festival season, the park shouldn’t be going anywhere anytime soon. Make it a day: bring picnic supplies, a frisbee, and a blanket to relax on. Grab your fleece vest or fleece jackets. They soak up the fresh air while shaking off light rain or late afternoon dew.

Like to hike?

Okay, it’s time to stop watching house renovation shows. Open those blinds, trade the snow boots for a pair of duck boots, and make the trudge outside to the great outdoors. They may not be mountaineers quite yet but their spirit of adventure will bring your little ones across wild landscapes they’ll grow to love. Bring plenty of water and some snacks that will keep them excited as you try to figure out which path to take when there’s a diverging trail. Follow the moss?

Best outdoor movies.

We love an outdoor movie, but our favorite screen is a star-filled sky. Even though it’s going to be a bit chilly you and the kids can curl up in your sweaters, a few sleeping bags, and bring along a thermos to enjoy a hot cocoa halfway through. Surprisingly, it pairs well with popcorn. Worried the temps will dip a bit low? Those packable jackets won’t take up any space in the trunk. Best time to lay on the hood of the car looking up is during a meteor shower. April and May are your luckiest months unless you’re brave enough to head out in January.

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