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How to Shop for Business Casual Outerwear

How to Shop for Business Casual Outerwear

Having great business casual outerwear options is a must to stay comfortable and keep all your outfits looking their best. From warding off the fall chill in the air to staying dry when spring rains hit, there are dozens of attractive, high-quality options when it comes to outerwear that complements your business casual wardrobe. Discover how to shop for business casual outerwear with this guide. Find out here what types of outerwear to look for, what features fit you best, plus sizing and shopping tips.

Look for Business Casual Outerwear That’s Versatile Enough for Your Wardrobe

Choosing the best business casual outerwear means first taking a look at your existing wardrobe. Assess the different colors, styles, and typical outfit choices you make on a regular basis to start making decisions on what outerwear will work. Versatility is key to selecting the right coats and jackets. Business casual outerwear that’s versatile enough to work with the majority of the pieces in your wardrobe means you’ll have one less thing to worry about. Select colors that complement your favorite outfits and business casual pieces, and look for styles versatile enough to work with your everyday attire.

Deciding What Coat and Jacket Types Are Right for Business Casual Wear

Business casual can be loosely defined and is often dependent on the specifications of your exact workplace. In general, very informal jackets would not be considered appropriate for business casual wear, but you may have a fair amount of leeway in what is acceptable at your place of employment. If the coat or jacket looks smart, stylish, and professional, chances are it’s a good fit for business casual wear. Great outerwear options include peacoats, trench coats, wool coats in various styles, down coats, fleece jackets, lined and water-resistant coats, streamlined rain jackets, and work-appropriate winter coats. Look for styles that have clean lines and have a tailored-looking fit for your best style. Lined coats are excellent options for inclement weather, while lighter-weight coats and jackets will help keep you comfortable and dry spring and fall. Depending on where you live, a lightweight jacket might even be necessary for summer. Choose styles that make you look and feel your best as well as have a polished feel, and you can’t go wrong.

Fit Is Key When It Comes to Business Casual Outerwear

Just like all your favorite business casual clothing pieces, the fit is key when it comes to choosing outerwear that hits the mark. Coats and jackets that are too large or long can look sloppy or unkempt. Outerwear that is too tight or too small can also send the wrong impression. Instead, shop from quality retailers that offer a wide range of size options, including petite, plus size, and tall, to ensure you get the perfect fit. Read reviews and look at the brand’s sizing tips as well in order to get the right look. The ideal fit in everything from the best raincoats to ankle-length winter coats will boost your confidence and make you look your best for every day at work.

Features to Consider in Your Coats and Jackets

Along with deciding on the type of coat and correct sizing, there are specific features to keep in mind when shopping for business casual outerwear. First and foremost, quality matters. Look for high-quality brands that offer the best fabrics and attention to detail. Durable fabrics, quality coat construction, top-notch insulating materials, well-made zippers, and even the smallest details like pocket linings, interior pockets, bungee loops to prevent bunching, adjustable cord locks, convertible hems, and adjustable cuffs can all go a long way in making your outerwear look and feel its best. Arrive ready for anything at the start of your workday with outerwear that works as hard as you do, down to the smallest details. Easy care is another consideration; many modern outerwear pieces are machine washable, so it’s worth looking at the care details for any coat you are considering.

Temperature Ratings for Your Work Jackets

Another consideration is the warmth level of outerwear. How warm of a coat or jacket you need will depend on a number of factors, including your climate, the season itself, how far you have to travel to work (and whether it involves public transportation or walking), and your personal comfort level. Outerwear that has temperature ratings will help ensure you make the best choice for yourself and your unique situation. Plus, there’s no guesswork involved when you know the specific rating, so you can put on your coat or jacket and feel confident no matter what the day brings.

Choosing Colors for your Business Casual Coat

Finally, don’t forget to think about your color options. Along with great basics like black, white, grey, and navy, you’ll also find an array of other colors to meet your style needs. From rich golden yellow to bright royal blue, you can find an array of options that fit your style personality and are right on point when it comes to a business casual look.

Shopping for Business Casual Outerwear Made Easy

Selecting the perfect business casual outerwear is easy when you know what to look for. Browse style options while keeping various factors like fit, quality, comfort, temperature rating, and details in mind, and you’ll be wearing warm, on-trend, and business-ready outerwear in no time.

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