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Cable sweaters

Cable news: meet Donegal, our sweater of the year

As any true Irishman will tell you, there are only but three ways to go about being Irish: #1. Be so lucky as to have been blessed with Irish genes from birth, #2. Pinch someone eating corned beef and hash while holding a leprechaun on March 17th, or #3. Proudly declare the Donegal a women's sweater above the rest and pledge your loyalty to its wear. We chose the latter. Of course, it is best to do all it turns out, harder than one may have originally thought though. In any case, if you haven't already, it is high time you meet our Sweater of the Year: the Donegal!

The yarn:

Our Donegal sweater collection is skillfully crafted using its signature flecked yarn. Donegal yarn has been produced in Ireland for generations and has long been spun in colors inspired by the natural beauty found just beyond the spinning wheel. In fact, spinning Donegal yarn was such a time honored family tradition, that the recipe for doing so remained a strictly verbal one and was regarded as part of an oral (but never written) history until the 1800s when Donegal yarn began being milled and manufactured on a larger scale.

Upon introduction, the world fell in love with the neps, or small bits of tangled wool fibers, that are spun together with the smoother wool to create flecking inspired by the natural hues of Ireland's granite mountains, rolling hills, emerald grasslands, and sun-ripened berries. We devoted ourselves to making that tradition our own by creating custom colorways for our Donegal sweaters that mirror the natural beauty found right here in the Midwest.

The luck:

Ireland is a rugged land steeped in tradition, superstition, and legend. So, it seems only fitting that their clothing would be representative of those very ideas. The Donegal sweater is no exception. It is knit using a uniquely traditional honeycomb Aran cable stitch, which legends say represents Luck and Good Fortune.

Furthermore, a longstanding Irish superstition indicates that should a fisherman see a swarm of bees prior to setting sail, the sea will grant him a plentiful bounty. Not only does the honeycomb Aran cable stitch offer the Donegal sweater a look of unsurpassed dimensional texture, it does so while symbolizing the hard working fishermen, the industrious bees, and the hope of a plentiful harvest hauled in from the sea.

The sweater:

Offering both turtleneck sweaters and pullover sweaters styles gives us so much to love about Donegal sweaters, namely the significance behind their cable knit patterns. O'Donnell, Doherty, Gallagher, O'Neil, and Sweeney ring a bell? Yes, true. Those are all names given to differentiate between the gorgeous knit patterns offered in our Donegal sweaters.

However, did you know that those are also the names of the Clans of Donegal who bravely set their differences aside and selflessly united to stand together in an attempt to fight off the English invaders who threatened to overtake their beloved Ireland? Well, now that kind of shines a whole new light on things, doesn't it? Suddenly, the Donegal isn't just "some sweater". The Donegal sweater is a timeless classic that rises proudly to the top and sets itself apart from the rest, making the Donegal sweater the standard by which all others are measured. Clearly, the accolades are well deserved.

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