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Capris or Shorts: Which is Better for Summer?

Capris or Shorts: Which is Better for Summer?

Capris or shorts? Which is better for your summer wardrobe? The short answer: it depends. In most cases, both capris and shorts make for great summertime wear. It all comes down to factors like where you’re going, how the capris or shorts look on you, and how you feel in them. Here are a few helpful points to assist you in your quest to find your answer to the capris or shorts debate.

Think About Why You’re Wearing Them

Ask yourself where you will be wearing women’s capris or shorts. If you are going on a long, rigorous hike through the woods, shorts may be the better option for the person who wants more flexibility when walking around, especially if it’s a hot or humid day. On the other hand, if you’re worried about potential creepy crawlies or poisonous plants brushing up against your legs, you may feel more comfortable in capris, which offer more coverage.

Ask Yourself What Makes You Feel More Comfortable

This is one of the simplest yet most important points. You have to feel comfortable in the clothes you’re wearing. While many women might prefer the flexibility of shorts, many others might like the style, fit, and comfort of capris. Of course, you also have to consider the material and fit of both capris and shorts to find what is most comfortable for you.

Opt for those capris and shorts made with higher-quality fabrics designed with comfort in mind. Hit your nearest mall and make a day of it. Try on as many shorts and capris as you need to until you find the styles you love most. Bring a friend along to help you decide and provide insight on what looks most flattering on you. It doesn’t matter how stylish an article of clothing may be; if it’s not comfortable, it’s not worth it.

Are You Going for a Casual or Dressy Look?

Shorts are great for summer because they are functional yet cute and fashionable. Are you putting together a casual outfit, or do you need something a bit dressier? Capris look great with a cute short-sleeve top or a selection from among your women’s blouses. Capris are a versatile option if you are going to a family picnic, neighborhood gathering, brunch, or any other social function where you want to look stylish and summery without being overly dressed for the occasion. Shorts, depending on the material, can look great at these types of social functions as well. But if you ever find yourself around the house, digging in the garden, doing spring cleaning, or playing with the kids in the backyard, women's shorts may be the better option.

How Does it Fit You?

Keep a few key things in mind whenever you shop for any type of clothing. Is it comfortable? Is it in line with your personal style? And most important, is the fit flattering? Shorts that are so big you’re swimming in them, or that are too tight that they restrict your movement, are not good additions to your wardrobe. And the same can be said about capris. The wrong fit could look baggy or sloppy, and capris that are too tight will leave you feeling uncomfortable. The question of whether shorts or capris are better doesn’t really mean anything if you buy a pair that doesn’t fit in a flattering and comfortable way. The best thing to do is try on several pairs until you find the capris or shorts (or both!) that you love and will make you feel comfortable as you move about your day.

Going on Vacation?

If you are heading somewhere tropical for a summer vacation, you’ll want to pack light and only bring the articles of clothing you know you are going to wear. This is tricky because most people tend to overpack and end up with several outfits they never end up wearing. If you know you are going to a warm climate during the summer, it’s definitely a good idea to pack shorts in addition to whatever else you might be bringing (such as a bathing suit, maxi dresses for women and so on). Consider packing a couple of pairs of shorts and one pair of capris to add variety to your outfit choices on the trip.

At the end of the day, whether you wear capris or shorts all comes down to what you prefer, what looks best on you, and how you feel in them. And who says you can’t wear both this summer?

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