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Why Fine Cashmere Sweaters are the Best Investment

Why Fine Cashmere Sweaters are the Best Investment

Cashmere's soft, velvety texture envelopes you in a cheery warmth is a must-have for any winter wardrobe. While any sweater might look the part, the best cashmere sweaters deliver the ultimate blend of luxury, warmth, and style to your wardrobe this season. On top of all that, they're built to last, so you'll be cozy in cashmere all winter long for a long, long time. We just can't get enough cashmere goodness, and here's why.

Cashmere Sweaters Are Designed to Last

Cashmere itself is a high-end, luxury material. In fact, it's one of the most valuable natural products on the market today. It comes from the fleecy layer of goat's fur made strong by harsh winter climates. It's designed to be durable, lightweight, and warm, making it one of the most versatile fabrics on the market.

Unlike its cotton counterpart, cashmere doesn't stretch and wear out over time. The soft, warm, cuddly fabric never wears thin. Proper washing and care are required, but with a little TLC, an investment in cashmere will last you season after season.

Breathable Layers

While cashmere is soft so you'll never claw and itch, we can also promise you won't be too hot either. Our favorite thing about this fabric is its ability to breathe. Many of today's fashion sweaters are designed with sticky synthetics that scratch, sweat, and restrict air movement. Since cashmere is a natural material, it keeps you snug as a bug without the worry of sweat, smells, or stretching.

Cashmere gets bonus points for its ability to layer effectively. Snuggle up by wearing your favorite pair of wool leggings with a basic jersey cotton tee underneath a breathable, lightweight cashmere sweater. You won't be able to leave the comfort of a crackling fire and your hot herbal tea with such a magical blend of comfort and style.

Basics You Won't Be Able to Take Off

The basic cashmere sweater for women can be combined with anything from a sophisticated pantsuit to a casual pair of ripped up jeans. Cashmere sweaters in basic colors such as black, grey, white, and blue go with virtually anything.

Dress up your look with a refined pencil skirt and classic accessories such as a small pendant necklace and set of thin bangles for a look that means business. Alternatively, opt for a relaxed feel with your favorite pair of high-rise jeans and chunky accessories such as layered necklaces and big, bold bracelets. The versatility of the basic cashmere sweater keeps on bringing a fresh look to a coveted favorite.

Fun Prints Spruce Up Any Look

Fun, bold prints for sweaters are all the rage this winter season, featuring bold colors and moody florals. Bring a touch of personality to an otherwise simple look with a women's cashmere cardigan. Look for winter-inspired prints such as Icelandic patterns for an extra-snuggly feel. For a smart look, couple a sophisticated yet modern argyle print with a basic fitted slack and pumps.

Be bold this season with patchy jeweled tones for a chic urban look. Or you could opt for a subdued floral print to match a moody pair of stormy-grey corduroys. If you're going for a sophisticated look, layer a three-quarter-length-sleeved cashmere sweater under your bold-colored fitted suit for a classy look.

Go Big

Celebrate sweater weather this season with huge, chunky cashmere that you won't want to take off. Opt for a slouchy, asymmetrical neckline or a large cowl neck that will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy both inside and out. Don't overdo it, though; be sure to complement an overly bulky sweater with form-fitting pants.

Stay Sleek

If big, chunky knits aren't your thing, there are plenty of women's cashmere turtlenecks that offer a sleek, fitted look suitable for work or play. Tuck in your turtleneck and put on high-waisted, flowing slacks for a powerful, modern look. Don't forget the bright leather belt to accessorize and accentuate your waistline. Alternatively, keep it classic by pairing a midi skirt with your fitted cashmere top for more of an A-line look that highlights smaller frames in a flattering style.

Warm Fit for Any Style

The beauty of cashmere is its ability to seamlessly be molded into virtually any style. Preppy looks will love the basic, fitted cashmere cardigan with cute button accents. Those into modern trends should seek bold prints, jewel tones, and asymmetrical designs. For the boho fans, select a chunky cashmere sweater with big leather buttons and natural colors. There is a type of sweater for every flavor of style.

Combining nature's softest textiles with a warmth-to-weight ratio that simply can't be beat, a stylish cashmere sweater should be at the top of everyone's list this holiday season. Layer it, love it, and let it transform your wardrobe this winter.

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