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Cashmere Luxury Sweaters: How to Shop and Care for Your Favorite Sweaters

Cashmere Luxury Sweaters: How to Shop and Care for Your Favorite Sweaters

A luxury cashmere sweater may be considered extravagant, but, it can also be a great investment item for a capsule (or another minimalist) wardrobe, a classic wardrobe, a comfy wardrobe, a business wardrobe, or really--any kind of clothing wardrobe you chose to have.

True, a luxury cashmere sweater may be an expensive initial purchase, but if you shop with intent you will ultimately see the value of a luxury purchase. Not only that, it will soon become an item you reach for again and again! A men’s luxury sweater can be paired with so many different things like a men’s t-shirt and a pair of great-fitting men’s jeans for a seriously comfortable, casual men’s outfit. If you are looking for something more formal, choose a men’s polo shirt or men’s no iron button-down shirt and a pair of chino or twill pants.

What Should I Look For?

When you incorporate luxury items into your wardrobe, take into consideration these 5 things when shopping:

• Quality

• Value

• Fit

• Care Commitment

• Brand or Company

The overall quality of the garment is key. Look for natural fibers, strong stitches, fabric patterns that match up, quality zippers and buttons (with spare buttons included), good thread (with extra included on high-end knits), color consistency, and any noticeable flaws.

How do I Know If a Cashmere Sweater is Worth the Price?

There are many ways to figure out the value of something. There is a saying: things are as valuable as someone is willing to pay for them. That may be the case sometimes, but let’s talk about financial value with an easy calculation.

A classic luxury item may cost less than a sweater bought during an end-of-the-year sale. If you buy a new sweater and pay $60 for it, and wear it four times before you get rid of it, it will cost you $15 each time you wear it ($60 divided by the 4 times you wore it).

If you buy a luxury garment, like a luxury men’s luxury cashmere, and pay $250 for it and wear it once a week for 6 months, it will cost you under $10 each wear ($250 divided by 26 times you wore it). And that is just for the first year! Every time you wear it, the value of that purchase rises and the cost per wear goes down.

What Size and Fit Should I Choose?

Once you have decided to go ahead and purchase a luxury sweater for men one of the most important things to keep in mind is fit. The first thing to look for is the fit of the garment as it was designed to wear. This would be communicated through words like relaxed or slim, traditional or tailored. Look for keywords such as generous, trim, sleek, or easy fit.

Then shop for your specific size. Unlike days gone by, there are now options for all shapes and sizes, to fit every body. Look for items that include multiple sizing options. A great example is a men’s Bedford rib sweater.

Are you tall, big, big and tall, or even regular? Maybe petite or plus, petite plus, tall plus, or regular tall in women's clothing? There are companies out there that carry sizes that fit you correctly! If you pick out an item that you love the style and color, but the fit isn’t just right, chances are you won’t wear it as often as you intended.

How do I Take Care of My Luxury Cashmere Sweater?

After narrowing down your choices, take a look at the care of the garment -- as stated by the manufacturer. There is plenty of on-line information about how to care for cashmere, but first and foremost take into account what the maker suggests.

If care instructions are dry clean only, are you willing to commit to that expense as well? If the care instructions are hand wash in special soap and lay flat to dry, are you willing to make that time commitment?

Where Should I Buy a Luxury Cashmere Sweater?

Lastly (or maybe first thing) check out the brand or company you intend to purchase from. What kind of reputation do they have in all the areas that may affect or are important to you?

• Ease of Shopping

• Quality of Product

• Shipping, Delivery & Return Policies

• Value Items

• Customer Satisfaction

• Company Values

If you shop by telephone, do you reach someone who is able to take your order and answer your questions? If you are a mobile shopper are the pages laid out in a mobile-friendly format and do the pages load quickly? Do they offer on-line assistance through chat? Whatever way you prefer to shop, does the company make shopping easy for you?

Check out the shipping and delivery and return policies. Do they meet your needs?

Make sure you rely on more than the best or worst customer review. Take each of them with a grain of salt and look further to see how any complaint may or may not have been resolved.

In the recent past, there has been a trend toward shopping with companies that hold the same values as you do. How they manufacture the item, who sews the product, where the product is manufactured. It can also include things like company-wide diversity and Inclusion, treatment of employees, recycling programs, and holidays observed. If there are aspects that are important to you, let that also guide your decision.

How you decide to shop for a luxury cashmere sweater is up to you. How you care for a luxury cashmere sweater is also up to you. Regardless, luxury is luxury, and who couldn’t use a little of that these days?

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