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4 Chic Ways to Style a Black Dress for NYE 2021

4 Chic Ways to Style a Black Dress for NYE 2021

While New Year's Eve is a holiday that’s all about getting into a celebratory spirit, reflecting on the year behind us, and ringing in the one ahead, it’s equally about debuting our best outfit of the year. The look that we choose to wear on NYE is one that we’ll likely remember for some time to come and definitely will show up in lots and lots of pictures. Plus, it can feel very symbolic to rock a new outfit or dress to the nines for this memorable holiday.

Regardless of your NYE plans, black dresses make a fantastic option for any on-theme ensemble. A black dress is inherently chic, universally flattering, and easy to accessorize for the occasion. And while dresses are fancy enough for NYE, they can also be oh-so-comfy, meaning you’ll be staying up late (or, at least until midnight!) in both style and comfort. So now that you know just why a black dress is so perfect for New Year’s Eve read on for tips on how to style them to come up with a perfect NYE outfit for welcoming 2022.

With Bold Accessories

The first tip for styling your black NYE dress is a fun one since it’s all about all things bright and sparkling. Since a black dress is a blank canvas of sorts, you’ll want to add a ton of festive touches, so be prepared to go all out with headbands, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.

Try pairing a black maxi dress for women like a sleeveless tiered maxi dress or an elegant cap sleeve wrap maxi dress with an oversized rhinestone or woven pearl headband. The right headband can have a huge impact on your look, but don’t just stop there. Throw on a chunky necklace in a color and design that complements your headband, or if you’re more into earrings, opt for a pair of statement drop earrings. Feel free to stack on bracelets as well!

Don’t be afraid to mix bold accessories so you can head to any NYE event decked out in rhinestones, gems, and sparkles that add festive and on-theme touches to your look.

With Statement Shoes

A little back dress or a black midi dress is an easy way to feel and look chic, and completing your outfit with statement shoes will only take it to the next level.

Make any shorter black dress feel like a special occasion dress with sparkly gold, shimmery emerald, royal blue, or even sequin silver heels. Depending on the style of your dress and what you feel most comfortable in, you can also go for statement booties with these same design elements. Since your black dress is a blank canvas, you’ll want to instead opt for shoes that match your jewelry or other accessories since everything and anything will look great with black!

With a Cashmere Sweater Layer

Since NYE is on the chilly side for many of us, you might be wondering what outwear you should rock with your black dress. Whether you plan to keep an outer layer on all evening or want the option on hand, a cashmere sweater layer can make the ideal addition in terms of comfort and style.

In addition to being silky-soft, cashmere also elevates the sweater game. Opt for a cropped cashmere women's cardigan sweater or a cashmere cardigan in a shade or print that’ll add a pop of color and vibrancy to your NYE look, just keeping in mind that you’ll want to avoid anything that clashes with your accessories or shoes.

If you keep your sweater layer on throughout the evening, leave it open or unbuttoned and pair it with a sleeveless black dress or a black dress with either a drape or slightly lower neckline for a flattering silhouette.

With Shimmery Tights

Regardless of the length of your black dress, pairing it with some tights might be a great way to make your look feel more dynamic while also adding some warmth.

To keep in theme with the evening’s ensemble and vibe, go for tights that are shimmery or have a subtle sparkle rather than the standard tights you wear in your day-to-day. You can use your tights to tie a look together. So, if you’re opting mainly for gold accessories and shoes, opt for tights that have a gold shimmer to them. As a pro tip for keeping things chic, keep in mind that tights do tend to look best with close-toed shoes!

If you keep these style tips in mind, you’re guaranteed to look your absolute black dress best as you ring in the new year. Happy 2022!

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