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7 Christmas Gifts for Your Outdoorsy Daughter

7 Christmas Gifts for Your Outdoorsy Daughter

If your daughter has a special affinity for the beauty of the great outdoors, you should be proud. There’s a great sense of joy involved in connecting with nature, and that she appreciates it is a mark of her curiosity and appreciation for the world at large. It’s impossible not to be inspired by a child’s wonder and awe as they take in their surroundings and explore new places. For your little adventurer, there are dozens of wonderful Christmas gift ideas that are sure to make her season bright.

Not sure where to begin? Think practicality. Outdoorsy children have specific needs. They’re little explorers yearning to learn more about everything that the world has to offer. They’re fascinated by everything from enormous trees to babbling brooks. They may even help you discover a newfound appreciation for the outside world. That sense of discovery is contagious, and these gifts will help make their time playing, adventuring, and exploring even more enjoyable.

National Park Pass

Take her somewhere she’s never been before! With a National Park pass, she’ll enjoy entry and amenities at over 2,000 different parks and national wildlife refuges throughout the United States. Some states have a handful, while others have dozens and dozens. Whether you’re traveling far or staying close to home, you can bet she’ll love having access to these new and exciting destinations. Don’t forget to throw in something useful for the journey, like comfy kids’ hoodies she can wear when the wind picks up.

Flashlight Set

Flashlights are widely overlooked, but they’re incredibly useful for outdoorsy girls. They’ll find dozens of great ways to use them. They come in handy on trips, especially when visiting the aforementioned National Parks or when camping in the wilderness with the family. They’re also ideal for hiking and exploring unfamiliar locations with an adult in tow. Choose a set that includes a couple of different sizes — a compact style she can tuck into a pocket and a full-size that she can stash in her backpack.

Winter Boots

Never underestimate the power of a great pair of sturdy girls’ winter boots. They’re essentials for any climate where snow is a possibility. Even if you don’t necessarily live in a frigid reason but have a ski trip planned, you’ll want to snag her some high-quality footwear to ensure she stays secure and warm while padding through the powdery snow. Look for features that suit her lifestyle, like tall shafts that provide ample coverage, secure closing mechanisms that are easy for her to use, and insulation to lock in body heat so she stays comfortable throughout her excursions.


It’s easy enough to grab a smartphone and snap a photograph, but there’s something far more satisfying about capturing the wonders of nature through binocular lenses. Look for a pair that offers significant magnification; this will allow her to more easily peer at unique birds and stunning trees while you’re experiencing the beauty of the outside world together.


Winter accessories of all kinds are essential, but giving her a great pair of quality gloves is a definite must. Not only are they available in all kinds of fun patterns and bright colors to complement her cold-weather wardrobe, but they’ll also help ward off the chill that’s likely to appear whenever she ventures outside.

If she’s a true-blue outdoors enthusiast, odds are she won’t let a little cold weather stop her from doing what she loves the most. Look for gloves that keep her comfortable, with soft materials like fleece that dry quickly, elastic at the wrists for a comfortable fit, and finger grips so she can easily hold onto objects without slipping.

Gardening Set

If she’s got a little bit of a green thumb or has expressed an interest in plant life, take that as your cue and invest in a high-quality gardening set. Opt for a kit that has everything she needs, including a carrying case that’s easy to hold and an assortment of tools. Throw in a few seed packets, too, especially if she loves a particular type of plant or flower. You can add something fresh to your outdoor space and indulge her love of the great outdoors at the same time.


A backpack is a wonderful choice for your outdoorsy companion. Choose something that offers enough room to support everything she might need during a camping trip, a hike, or a rock-collecting adventure. Add a few essentials she might need while outside, too, like a water bottle and a bottle of sunscreen.

Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to foster your daughter’s enthusiasm for the outdoors. At a young age, children have an insatiable curiosity, and it’s often the things that they learn during these formative years that help establish traits and habits they’ll carry with them for a lifetime.

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