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Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

The time and energy you put into your Christmas tree decorations are obvious. If your tree could use a little extra attention, or you just want to spruce it up some more this year, there are plenty of ways you can rejuvenate this traditional symbol of the holiday season and add some additional festive beauty to your home. Just as you hang those needlepoint stockings by the chimney with care, focus on putting the same TLC into your tree décor. Here are some decorating ideas to keep in mind.

Elegant Christmas Tree Decorating Elements

It’s all in the details. Whether you’re all about the lavishness and extravagance of the season or prefer to express your aesthetic preferences more subtly, you have options galore at your disposal. Different elements bring about a sense of elegance, transforming your tree into a true winter masterpiece. From ornaments to colors, each feature adds something special to your holiday layout. Here are a few ideas to make your vision of the perfect tree a reality this Christmas.

Go Classic

If you take your inspiration from the standard Christmas trees you see in classic homes and old movies, you’ll love adding traditional accents that evoke a sense of timeless beauty to your tree. Focus on simple Christmas ornaments that add a colorful glow to the tree in enduring shades of red, green, gold, and silver. Have fun with uncomplicated patterns that reflect the joy of the season, like stripes and plaids.

Disco Ball

Prefer something a little more “out there” and over-the-top glamorous? You won’t find anything more lavish than a disco ball Christmas tree! The beauty of this look is that it carries over nicely into the new year—who doesn’t love a little extra sparkle when they’re counting down the seconds until the clock strikes midnight? This bright and eye-catching accent looks beautiful in any area of the home.

Vintage Ribbons

It’s amazing what a little ribbon can do to change the appearance of your tree. Have some fun by selecting vintage-inspired pieces that evoke hints of the past while lending something fresh and new to your home. Whether it’s a festive red and white ribbon that complements your Christmas tree skirt or something more unexpected that contrasts with your ornaments, you’ll love how it puts a fun twist on your home décor this season.

Upcycled Decorations

Never underestimate the power of repurposed decorating elements. Maybe you can’t find products you desperately want—and maybe you know exactly where to find the right components in that box of treasures in the attic that once belonged to your grandparents. Whatever captures your attention, don’t be afraid to incorporate it into your holiday scheme. Upcycling is always a welcome way to make old new again.

Citrus Ornaments

Citrus is a major part of the holiday season. Whether you’re boiling orange peels with cinnamon and cloves on the stovetop or hanging an orange-adorned Christmas wreath on the front door, there are so many ways to make it an integral part of your festivities. The bright pops of color harmonize surprisingly well with what’s traditionally the season of red and green. Why not have some fun with these effervescent shades and bright scents?

Paper Candle

If you love the look of something crafty, consider adding some beautiful paper candles to your tree. Using gold and yellow construction paper, gilded crafting accents, and gold foil cups as candle holders, along with gold string or rope, you can easily dress up your home with the faux glow of your handmade candles.

Jingle Bells

Perfect for both your full-size tree and any ornamental decorative trees you might have placed elsewhere throughout the house, jingle bells provide a fun and festive accent that instantly brightens up your home. Choose an element in the room to complement the bells, like a Christmas blanket placed over the back of the couch.

DIY Tag Ornaments

What better way to put a customized touch on your festivities than a DIY tag ornament? These are fun and easy for everyone in the family to design. You can use cute and colorful holiday notecards and bright pencils or markers to draw holiday-oriented artwork or write positive messages. You can even create little photo frames and show off memories of past holidays that are sure to bring a smile to everyone’s faces.

Fanciful Flight

Symbolic of peace, the dove is a traditional accent that adds something light and ethereal to your holiday. Beautifully complementing the rich green hue of your tree and Christmas garlands, little white doves, either handcrafted or in ornament form, capture that sense of hope and positivity that resonates so beautifully throughout the season.

Folk-Art Ornaments

Love the idea of adding something truly warm and homey to your setup? If you’re all about indulging your creativity, consider adding folk-art ornaments to your tree. Use elements like colorful yarn to support the ornaments on the tree, and fabrics in classic patterns to create little jewels that pop against the backdrop.

Moon and Stars

Take a peek at the vast selection of treats in the Christmas kitchen and dining department and you might just find little wrapped chocolates or candies shaped like moons and stars. Why not hang these edible delights on your tree for an unexpected touch?

Santas, Stockings, Snowflakes

Santa Claus! Cute stockings filled with toys! Twinkling snowflakes! All of the above make gorgeous and festive additions to any home during the holiday season. Is there any better way to transform your entryway or living room into a true winter wonderland? Have some fun adding little decorations to your tree and enjoy the way you get all wrapped up in the magic of the season.

Natural Arrangement

A little natural beauty is never a bad thing—especially if you want to forgo the traditional holiday accents in favor of something more rustic and down to earth. So what qualifies as “natural” on a tree? First, start with a real tree. Add pinecones to bring that heady fragrance into the room. Place a few seagrass baskets on the sides and fill them with gift bags, large ornaments, and other seasonal trinkets to accent the tree.

Birds and Berries

Birds and berries? Enough said! No Christmas season is complete without a tree adorned with little red berries and adorable little turtledoves. The combination of the two is downright merry, and it’s sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face as they tear open their presents on the big morning.

Whimsical Finds

Forget the tried and true. Eliminate visions of the modern. If you want to try something different this year, consider a tree with a whimsical vibe. Whimsy may evoke feelings of nostalgia without actually touching on the season’s typical classic elements. Take a peek in the kids’ toy storage box and see what you can scrounge up. A toy soldier or two? Some Santa figurines? Quirky characters dressed in their holiday best? It’s all about channeling something different, playful, and unexpected.

Color Ideas for Christmas Tree

Calm and White

Sure, traditional green trees are everywhere—with good reason. But there’s so much to be said for the beauty of a soothing white tree, too. Consider this as an alternative if you want to change things up ever so slightly this year. Fresh, crisp, and contemporary—the effect is positively ethereal.

Navy and Gold

Red and green Christmas sweaters abound, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go for something entirely different this season. If you’re in the mood to break out of your comfort zone, consider the luxurious and seriously sophisticated combination of navy and gold. The two complement each other beautifully.

Frosted Sugar and Blue Pine Tree

Talk about forgoing tradition. When your holiday season calls for something completely different, don’t do things halfway. Try the magical combination of an icy blue pine tree adorned with hints of silver, white, and gray to include a “frosted sugar” effect. It oozes wintery charm from every angle!

White Poinsettias

The poinsettia is as synonymous with the season as bulky winter coats. As winter’s official flower, the delightful accent typically makes its presence known in rich, vibrant crimson. However, a crisp white version lends your tree an airy and refreshing look. It’s a great choice if you want to open up a smaller room—the light color is so inviting and bright.

Royally Red

It’s so easy to make your Christmas tree a truly red ode to the season. The rich and dramatic color is easily one of the season’s most beguiling—and also one of the warmest and most welcoming. On a tree of any color, be it white or green, you can be sure that red ornaments and tinsel will provide just the right level of contrast.

Rainbow Christmas Tree

A dream! Much like the trendy rainbow-toned winter scarves you wear to brighten up your sweaters and coats, rainbow trees enjoy some serious time in the spotlight, too. These vibrant configurations can be purchased with creative ombre finishes, but you can just as easily transform your tree into a colorful work of art by hanging your ornaments by color. You’ll love the result.

Pink and Gold Christmas Tree

Did someone say sweet? There’s no cuter way to put an adorable touch on the festivities than with a pink Christmas tree adorned with gold accents, or vice versa. Truth be told, any color pairing has the potential to resonate well with the season when you coordinate it the right way. Pink brings joy, while white is a reminder of thick, fluffy snow. The combination is irresistible.

Black and White Tree

If you love the classics but want to try something just a little different and not quite your average red and green, consider a black and white theme for your tree instead. Start with your lights—little white twinkling strings bring radiance to the backdrop. Then add your ornaments, focusing more on the dark shade and adding elements like white snowflakes and cutout silhouettes of winter accessories in lighter hues for contrast.

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